Use Typeform Quiz Results as dynamic image content in Welcome Flow

  • 28 December 2021
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I’m in the process of upgrading a welcome flow to incorporate details from my Typeform quiz and personalize the first email touch with my customers.  The quiz is a finder quiz where customers enter a few bits of information and we recommend a product for them.  In order to see the results from the quiz, our customer must enter their email address.


We’ve set up a webhook to fetch the information from the quiz to Klaviyo Custom Properties.  So in each customer’s profile we see each of the responses to the questions and the final recommended product.  So all of that is good.


On to the struggle:  I’d like the first email in my welcome series to have a dynamic content block showing the recommended product (image, product name, and link) from the quiz.  I can easily see how to pull in the name {{ person|lookup:'Custom Variable'|default:'' }} into this email - but I don’t know how to pull in the image for that product or create a dynamic link to that Product Detail Page.  Any ideas anyone?


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Hi there @mostlyalex,

Welcome to the Community! Congrats on setting up your Typeform quiz and getting that part all figured out! I hope we can work together to figure out your question regarding adding dynamic images and product details to your emails.

In general, to personalize your emails with a dynamic product that a user has previously browsed or one that was out of stock, you would need to build a dynamic table block based on the events and metadata that triggers the flow which your email would be housed in. To learn more about building your own dynamic table blocks, I would recommend taking a look at the following articles Klaviyo offers on this subject:

Ultimately, it would depend on where the images/product details are stored and how that data is being pulled into Klaviyo (if at all). If the data was being stored and recognized by Klaviyo, then it would be possible to use the info. Try and preview the template to view the event data that is coming through. This is all the data that can be pulled into the table block. If there is data that you want in the template that is not a part of the metric that is triggering the flow or on the profile that is triggering the flow, that data cannot be pulled into the template dynamically. 

If you are creating this block for a single product event, you can just copy and paste the tag without having to change the tag. But if you would like to create this type of block for a multi-product event, you will need to use the repeat feature. The repeat feature is going to be set up the same way as the data source in a regular dynamic table block:

Please let me know regarding this info and let’s see what we can do,


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Thanks for that Alex.  I’ve used dynamic product blocks before in my abandon cart and browse triggers that I have set up - but this is a little different because the triggered event is them submitting their answers to a quiz. From what I’ve read it seems like we need to create an event which is “Completed Quiz” and then design the flow around that event.  Right now we have a normal onboarding series which is just sending them a generic welcome message. 

When the customer fills out the quiz responses and gives their email address (in addition to consent to join the newsletter), our web hooks bring all of the customer’s responses into Klaviyo (email address & Custom Properties like recommended product).

We have product details stored in Klavyio which we use for our other event based triggers.


Am I correct in saying that we likely need to change our welcome flow or create a separate welcome flow triggerd by a quiz completion event? Or is there a way to pull in the quiz response data to the existing welcome flow?  It’s easy to access the product name, with the person|lookup function 

 {{ person|lookup:'Recommended Product'|default:'' }}

It’s more about pulling in the product image and link to that product.

Thanks again for helping out with this