Using a flow to add a customer to a list based on a trigger.

  • 29 December 2023
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Is it possible to add a customer to a list (a customer who is already part of our main list being added to a specific secondary list) based on a trigger in flows?

I have a couple uses for this, which is why the vague information. One more specific use case:

I have an existing list of customers in our membership program list, and want to add anyone who purchases a particular product (the membership) in our store to this list. Is this possible? These customers would already be registered to our site and signed up to our main list.


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Hi @Bloom 

Thank you for posting your question in the community. You cannot add a user to another list via a flow step. But to achieve what you are looking to do, you’d want to set up a segment-based triggered flow instead. 

Within your first flow, you can apply a custom profile property to the customer. Based on that profile property, you can create a segment. Then, you can set up a flow based on that segment such that when a customer meets the criteria of your segment, they will be entered into your second flow.

I hope this helps!

@In the Inbox