Using a noreply email as your Reply To email address

  • 13 October 2023
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I am well aware of the dangers of using a Noreply email to send out campaigns, however, does anyone have knowledge as to whether using a noreply in your reply-to address is also a bad strategy?


Best answer by Brian Turcotte 18 October 2023, 03:05

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Hey @MattyO 

Can you share your use case as to why you would need to use a no-reply email address as your reply-to?

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Hi Stephen, 


Use case would be for simple newsletter campaigns. We have a brand email alias set up as the sender address, but it’s essentially a marketing-only email that dead ends should subscribers try to respond to it. I’d prefer not have subscribers receive an error message should they try to respond, but was thinking that if I switched the reply-to email to a noreply@ then they’d get the picture. 

Alternative is to fully activate the mailbox for the sender address and set up mailbox rules to filter out auto-responses (i.e. out of office, etc).



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Hi @MattyO!


Sometimes no-reply addresses can be flagged as spam by inbox providers, so unless it’s a massive issue, I think most experts would suggest to avoid them.


However, long-term deliverability relies on a number of factors (discussed further here), so it really boils down to how much you are comfortable risking a overall deliverability rating to implement a role-based address.