Viewed API vs Add to cart API

  • 7 January 2021
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I set up 2 flows, one for Add to cart API and other for Viewed product API. But it seems that they overlapse because it can happen someone view a product and add to cart, he will receive two emails.. how can I avoid that?


Best answer by caroline 8 January 2021, 18:57

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Hi there,


I’d recommend having some type of delay in your Viewed Product flow.

For example, trigger the flow when a customer has a Viewed Product event. Next, have a one hour time delay (to allow customers enough time to add the product to their cart). Finally, add a filter to check that the customer has not had an Added to Cart event in the past hour. These measures will prevent your Viewed Product flow from sending to customers who have also had an Added to Cart event in the one hour period following the Viewed Product event.


Please let me know if you have any other questions.





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Adding to that I'd also say that this is also a case of priorities.

So which of the 2 have the highest priority? Next step would be started checkout which should also be included in the mix. You wouldn't want to send a browse, “added to cart” and abandoned cart emails to the same person.

Back to the priorities, I'd say which ever one is furthest down the funnel or where someone has shown the highest engagement levels needs to have the highest priority and overrule the other actions.

As @caroline mentioned have a filter that excludes whenever the other happens and a delay.
Also adding has not done action since starting the flow