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  • 22 June 2021
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Hi all! We’re planning on doing a timed campaign where customers receive exclusive access at the same time via email that includes a password. What is the best practice to ensure everyone has a fair chance? How long would it typically take for 500+ emails to receive it? Should we send a few minutes before the launch, if so, how many minutes?


Thank you.


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5 replies

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Hello @DianaM.,

Great question!

Due to a number of variables, there wouldn’t be a way to estimate how long emails will take to reach a recipient’s inbox once they have been sent from Klaviyo. Often times, once sent from Klaviyo, emails will take a matter of seconds to minutes to land in a recipient’s inbox. This is due in part to how the inbox providers are reviewing the content of the email, if the recipient has any addition network or inbox filters, etc. The inbox providers themselves hold sole responsibility to the deliverance of these emails to one’s inbox where as Klaviyo is the sending provider for these emails. 

To keep this exclusive offer as fair as possible, I would recommend ensuring that you are scheduling the campaign to send out at the same time or use the “Send now” function when you want to dispatch the email. 

I hope this helps! Have a great day!


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Hi @DianaM. 


We do a lot of product drops with the brand I work with.  The products are only accessible by our loyalty members on the site (they have to login to access it). 


The way we get around the timing scenario with emails is that we send teaser emails leading up to the drop that states clearly what time and what to do to access the drop.  The email sent on the day-of then becomes more of a reminder to go to the site now or else you may miss out.


Since you’re using a password and if it’s becoming an issue with your customers, you could try focusing on the elements you control (ie. the password!).  So, one scenario could be where you send the password to the VIP’s 2 to 12 hours in advance, BUT you don’t make that password usable on your site until the drop time. 


Hope those ideas help.  Also, if you don’t mind, what’s your site? Would love to see how you’re using drops to generate big moments.



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Thanks Manny! We did send out reminder emails but I like your idea of the password not being usable until the launch. Our website is Currently, the two drops we’ve done were for our Alfa Sofa and we have recurring drops for our limited edition items. 



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Such a beautiful site @DianaM. ! I love it.


I noticed your pop-up for emails is not allowing me to submit.  I tried it on my phone and desktop (both using Chrome).   Looking at the site Console, there’s a javascript error on your newsletter modal (see pic below).  Was this something that was custom coded for the site or using a 3rd party service like Klaviyo for it?




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Hi Manny,


It was custom coded! We’ve fixed this issue now.