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  • 15 February 2021
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My company sells a DIY ring carving kit. When customers order their kit, they can sign up for a virtual workshop where they learn how to carve. I’m trying to set up email flows for my customers post-virtual workshop, and I’m a little stumped. Ideally, the flow would work like this:

TRIGGER: customer completes carve (thank you email, follow up email with possible upgrades, etc.).

I am not quite sure how to connect the dots between customers ordering a product, and then choosing a date on my Shopify website, and translating that into a Klaviyo trigger.


If anyone has any advice, I would really appreciate it!


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2 replies

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Hi there,

If you are a Shopify Plus user, this would likely be something that you could use Shopify Flows for. You would track a custom event in Klaviyo such as “Signed Up for Workshop” that would be triggered once a customer has made their purchase and selected a date on your website, and which would include the date of the workshop in the “customer properties” section. As a result, customers who sign up for a workshop would end up with the date of the workshop stored as a custom property on their Klaviyo profile.

You would then set up a date property-triggered flow in Klaviyo which would use the date of the workshop as the trigger.

If you do not have access to Shopify Flows, you could use Klaviyo’s Track and Identify APIs to achieve the same functionality; you would just need to write the code for the API calls and add them to your site.

Hope this helps.



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Hi @Grace Gow

Agree with @caroline that the Shopify Flows could be a good option for this strategy if you are a Shopify Plus customer. Otherwise, as she mentioned, the Track and Identify API would be the second option, though if you are not as familiar with writing code, you may want to explore some potential Klaviyo Partners. If so, you can check out the Partner Directory here

Just a side note, I took a look at this virtual workshop class and the Wax on Workshop is VERY cool. Also love all the additional customization options you offer as well! Love the WoW idea as a potential fun Mother’s Day gift/activity.