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  • 20 July 2023
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As you can see I have 100k+ people waiting at this conditional split, I would like to know how many people will be coming out of that split per day.

with the current view I can see the individual records… even at 100 per page it will take forever to scroll through and work out how many are getting it on Sunday Vs Saturday etc  (also a Date rather than just a day of week would be great).

If there was a rollup summary view that showed the how many people per calendar date will be on waiting in that activity it would be great.

As it stand I do not actually know if people will be getting the email tomorrow or not and thats not a comfortable place to be at.


Thank you



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Thank you for reaching out. Your concerns regarding the high volume of people waiting at the conditional split and the lack of visibility into how these individuals are distributed across days are understandable.

To provide you with a clearer perspective on the distribution of users exiting the split, it's important to understand a few key parameters related to your emails and flows, such as the entry criteria for the users, and the conditions that govern the split.

As for your concern about not knowing if people will be getting the email tomorrow, this depends on the conditions set in the split. Review these conditions to understand which users will qualify. Or screenshot the flow split and share all relevant information here.

I hope this helps! If you provide more specific information about your flow, your split and whether you’ve back-populated all these contacts in this flow, I might be able to give more tailored advice.


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Thanks @stam_marko this is relevant in every flow and every type of wait not just the specific example I shared.

The one I shared was a significant example as there are 100k people waiting but even if it is a cohort waiting at an email send activity in a normal flow with email 1 today and email 2 sent 2 days later - if you just click on the “View Activity” hyperlink it will not show a summary or roll up view of how many people will be getting email 2 on any specific day - and I know I can bust out a calculator and work out how many people entered the flow each day and calculate how many should be getting it today or tomorrow etc - but that is super prone to human error and these flows don’t always act the way I’m predicting them to.


this specific flow was meant as a slow drip feed of our past clients that were migrated into the system, and because we didn't want all 130k to get the each email all at the same time and overload our capacity I added random splits with various Time delays so that some people get an email each day rather than all or nothing.

so the audience is broken down in about 25% in each send but because people are waiting different number of days when they his the next activity they will be waiting there all in one big bucket and it is hard to see (2 weeks after they went through that initial split) how long each ‘group’ will be waiting at any given activity.

I hope that all made sense :)