We had to resync our Shopify Store and now we're accidentally emailing cold contacts?

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Some background - 


Our company is currently expanding to a second brand. During this transition process, we are working on creating a secondary Klaviyo account (let’s call it account B) for the new brand. When we created our second account, our current account’s (let’s call it account A) linked Shopify store was somehow switched to the new store’s Shopify URL.


We were unable to edit the URL in account A and were advised to uninstall the Shopify integration completely then re-install it. While this did allow us to change the Shopify URL, I think it caused more issues.


Today, we sent out a campaign to our usual engagement groups but found we received a delivered rate of 73%, a bounce rate of 24%, an unsub rate of 1.5% and a spam rate of 0.5%… Our typical deliverability is around 99.8%.


I’m concerned that the resync of the integration pulled up cold contacts (we received a few customer responses that said they haven’t heard from us since 2017). How do we move forward with campaign sends excluding these customers and how will this one not-so-awesome send affect our sender reputation?


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Hi @Kelly - welcome to the community. And I’m sorry you’re running into these issues, even though the background info helps provide some context, it’s a bit tricky to help you resolves these without access to your account. Can you tell us what your “Engagement Group” Segment (I assume) rule or definition is?  You can screen capture it or write it out if it’s simple.  I suspect you are using “Profile Creation Date” which might include people you may have deleted in Klaviyo (but are still in Shopify) that is pulled in when you resynced the data. 

Also, you may want to re-evaluate your Shopify “Accepts Marketing” is False flag for Profiles in Klaviyo.  In some cases, for example when someone starts Checkout (or places an order), they can opt-out of Marketing within Shopify at that time. When they do this, they will have a Shopify Accepts Marketing = False in their Profile.  Though, they may then “Subscribe” to Klaviyo outside of Shopify (example via Klaviyo Signup Forms or third party APIs) - so you need to determine if you want to exclude those in your Engagement Tiers.  If you want to be safe, you can also exclude them, and then fine-tune your rules to include those that Subscribed (but for some reason opted-out in Shopify, it’s a complicated timing issue of which action you take into consideration).  

Here’s a quick reference from Klaviyo about “Accepts Marketing”:

If you share your Engagement Tiers Segment Rules, maybe we can help better troubleshoot!

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It also sounds like you may need to do some list cleaning if emails are getting sent to contacts that weren’t sent to since ‘97 (if they were suppressed, they should receive further emails unless they subscribe again).

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Kindly read these article :,or%20deleting%20these%20unengaged%20profiles


You will learn more about how to clean your lists and maintain strong deliverability by identifying and suppressing unengaged profiles.


Let me know, if you’ve any more questions?