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  • 1 October 2023
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ive set up a signup pop up form which adds users to my list "website signups" (i re-named newsletter). i then created a welcome flow which is triggered by subscribing to my list "website signups". ive entered my details into the signup form but no welcome emails are being sent. i have looked at similar questions on here and tried your suggestions but still no email is getting sent. please help


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2 replies

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Hey @Hooda23!

For your list settings, can you confirm if you have double-opt in turned on? If this is selected, your opt-ins will have to confirm their subscription before getting any messages in flows. You can select that off if you want them to automatically be subscribed without it. 

You can confirm this by going into your List and selecting the Settings tab at the top.

If that is set to Single opt-in and still not sending, can you screenshot your flow trigger so we can take a look at that? 

Also if your email address was already on that list, you wouldn’t trigger the initial flow metric again, since you were already on the list! Testing with a new email address can help confirm that as well.

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Hey @Hooda23 

Did you have a chance to try @Spark Bridge Digital LLC solution? Let us know if you were able to solve your question!