Welcome emails based on different categories - Suggestions Required please

  • 6 March 2022
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Hi Experts,


I am hoping someone to understand the scenario and suggest based on their experience. 

The question that i am asking could have completed in 2 lines but i believe it is always good to explain to get a valuable suggestion.


we have different categories on our store, although the main category is just one from where we are getting 90% of our revenue. Our Onboarding emails (and also other flows) are skewed towards that one category which means we are not creating awareness for our other two categories via flows but definitely sending 1-2 campaign emails around other categories,

Just to give more context, most of our tofu traffic comes via ads which is also 80% skewed towards that core category. The exit intent pop up also skewed towards the core category. However we are working to create balance so that we create awareness for the other 2 categories.


To start with Flows, I have been thinking to create a hyper personalised flows for one of our highly revenue generated flow: New Customer Acquisition

Suggesting Email 1 to change from core category to talk about brand in general and USP’s.

After that there will be a conditional split based on the viewed category. if someone viewed core category, they will receive  4 drip email sequence on that category. If someone viewed Category B, they will receive personalized email targeted to that category. and if someone viewed all the categories on the store, they will received drip sequence of generic emails which will talk about the categories in general.


Why we are doing this:

We are hugely missing creating awareness for other categories.


Just to give you an example, these are the categories i am referring to:

Main category: Warm Hoodies
Other Category A: Sleepsets
Other Category B: Undies/Socks
Other Categories comes under Accessories


Can i please request advice from someone who have had experience in creating onboarding flow based on diverse categories or anyone who can suggest the better way to optimise the onboarding flow.


Thank you in advance



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Hi there @Sunny,


Thanks for sharing your question with us! Love that you are trying to create more visibility and awareness of your not-as-popular items. Great strategy!


To clarify, is your New Customer Acquisition flow the same as your Welcome Flow? I.e. the trigger is someone joining your newsletter? If so, it should be noted that in conditional splits the only option is Yes or NO in a path. So if the first conditional split to check if the user viewed the core category would either be ‘yes’ and receive the appropriate drip of emails or NO and therefore go to the next split asking if they have viewed category B. However, a conditional split only checks if one condition is true, it cannot check if both are true. This means that a conditional split cannot be created for users who viewed BOTH categories, rather the user has viewed neither category. I would set the end of the splits as if they haven’t viewed the core category of category B then they get a generic drip of emails. 


Have you considered a ‘Viewed Product’ triggered flow? You could create Flow Filters  nd Conditional Splits that could continue to create a personalized flow to market specific categories of products that aren’t bought as frequently. Additionally, you could go another route you could go would be to create segments of users who have purchased your core products and have never purchased one of the four categories above. Once they’re drawn into the segment dynamically, you could then connect the segment to  a segment-triggered flow to entice them to buy! It should be noted that you will initially have to back-populate segment-triggered flows upon flow creation  as users are only added to the flow when they are first added to a segment. 


Finally, there is also another feature you might be interested in is our show/hide template blocks that will show or hide certain blocks in your emails depending on dynamic variables. This means that if they have certain properties or event they would see or not see certain blocks, with certain products for example. 


Hope this helps and thanks for participating in the Community!


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Thank you @Taylor


Appreciate you taking time to respond to my question.


so New customer Acquisition is our welcome/Onboarding flow. 


Can you please have a look at this one




Also we have ‘ Viewed product trigger’ flow aka browse abandoned live. Its just that we want to trigger these emails as a starting point in their journey, does it makes sense? Also i am considering excluding customers not to receive browse email when they are in welcome journey. do you think that will be a good customer experience as we don't want to double up sending welcome emails and browse together, although the welcome flow emails are more in general about the category awareness, not just the single product. 


I am keen to know your thoughts before i start working on it. What would you do if you have different categories?


Thanks ton for your guidance.



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Hi there @Sunny


Sorry for the delayed response, would love to offer additional advice! 


Thanks for sharing the screenshot! Although the conditional split will ensure that they need to meet the criteria of not viewing either of the categories, it’s not exactly necessary as if the subscribers meets the ‘no’ condition for each split, it should be for the catchall. So the final conditional split isn’t wholly necessary. 


Totally on board with your idea of merging what they’ve viewed with their onboarding experience through the Welcome Flow. The most important part of a welcome Flow is introducing your new subscribers to your brand and trying to convert them to become a customer if they aren’t already. So I think it’s totally fine to keep this structure for a welcome flow even though your browse abandonment flow is also live. Maybe even better as this does create a more ‘personalized’ welcome experience, just don’t forget to introduce them to your brand’s mission and voice in case you haven’t done so. 


Totally understand not wanting to bombard your users, especially new users, with a ton of messages. In fact, that’s considered best practice! You could either add a profile property in your welcome Flow and create a Flow Filter in your browse abandonment flow that would filter out this ‘property about someone or  add smart sending to your flow messages, , which will prevent a users from receiving two messages from your brand within a certain time frame you set.


Finally, here are other topics that might be helpful and help gain more insight on best practices for welcome flows and what other users have done!


Hope this helps!