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  • 1 October 2021
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I am overwhelmed and finding that I am not nearly as tech savy as I thought I was. I have an etsy shop and I sell at in person events. Etsy and Klaviyo do not have an integration agreement so the only emails I have are ones collected at in person events. I just purchased a domain for my website that I am working on through shopify. (This is also why a lot of things are so confusing. Learning two new sites, setting them up and integrating everything is a lot).

I created my Welcome Flow emails but now have no idea where to go from there. I’ve tried manually in the “quick add” button on the Newletter list (My trigger says that people added to this list will receive the Welcome Flow). I also have it set up (I THINK) for the subscribe to newsletter on my shopify site that is not live yet. I have watched videos and videos and have started so many different paths. I need some major help. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! 


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Hello @AbbieD,

Welcome to Klaviyo and glad to hear you have a Welcome Series flow set up for your subscribers!

As you mentioned, a Welcome Series flow is meant to trigger and serve a series/experience to customers who are added to a specific list. This flow would trigger whenever someone is added to the list by organically signing up to a signup form that is linked to the list, if you’ve imported a .CSV to the list, or even using the quick add function to add contacts to the list. This means that even if you were collecting subscribers in person, and importing the .CSV to Klaviyo or adding them on the fly using the quick-add function, these contacts would be served the Welcome Series flow experience.

Some things to keep in mind though is that contacts who subscribe organically would still need to confirm their double opt-in confirmation email prior to being added to the list to be served the experience if you have double opt-in enabled. Similarly, as a reminder, the flow would not trigger for contacts who are already existing members of the list or have already received the flow experience prior. 

Another thing that is often times overlooked when attempting to link a third party or a Shopify provided signup form to a Klaviyo list is that the redirect for these forms are not set up correctly. If you were using a third party signup form, I would suggest using the instructions found in the How to Redirect Existing Signup Forms to Klaviyo Help Center article create such a redirect to a designated Klaviyo list which would trigger the welcome series flow for subscribers. If this was a Shopify provided signup form, you’ll want to enable the Collect email subscribers settings within your Shopify integration settings along with including the <input type="hidden" name="contact[tags]" value="newsletter"> Hidden Input Tag to the form itself to link it to the designated list. This is further explained in the Sync Your Shopify Newsletter Subscribers to a Klaviyo List subsection of the How to Integrate with Shopify article.

In addition to the following Help Center articles to get your bearings with understanding a Welcome Series flow, I would also encourage taking a look at some other Community Posts that touch upon this subject. I’ve included some that may be helpful for you to take a look below:


I hope this helps!