Welcome Flow questions: triggers and sending test emails

  • 2 February 2021
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Hello! I’m totally new to Klayvio (loving it so far!) and have just migrated my list over from Mailchimp and synced with Shopify. 

I’ve just drafted a welcome flow. I’m super excited about it, but have two questions:

  1.  Will any of my previous subscribers (who already received a single email welcome from Mailchimp) get these flow emails? (because of course they showed up in my preview trigger setup and now I’m paranoid) How quickly does the flow get triggered after someone signs up?  
  2. I want to send a sample to a couple of people (not to check delays, but for formatting, etc.). How would I do that? Clone the flow, set it to manual and add the 3 people to the list? Is there an easier way?

Thank you so much!!! Really appreciate it.


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2 replies

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Thank you so much Joseph! Very helpful!

I had been playing around with the flow filters, but even when I filtered using “subscribed to MailChimp 0 times over all time” it was saying 5 of the 10 samples would be eligible.  

I kept trying - using your suggestion of “received a Mailchimp email” and the other 5 samples would be eligible.  It only worked when I used an AND filter with both of these.  strange.  

I compared my Mailchimp stats on who received the email to what Klayvio says and there are some discrepancies.  I guess I should maybe export from Mailchimp with custom tags and re-import, but I don't know if it’s worth it.


The preview thing is hilarious!  I’ve previewed many times, but only from the flow screen, or the email screen, not in the editor mode.  apparently I never looked left while editing to see that giant eyeball.  I wondered why I couldn’t see a way to send an email.  lol

Thanks again!

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@anne - Welcome to Klaviyo and the community!  To answer your questions:

  • For your Welcome Series, assuming you Integrated with Mailchimp and the List was already pulled into Klaviyo before your Welcome Flow was enabled- the Flow will only be triggered with New Contacts from the point when you turned on your Welcome Flow.  You should disable the Welcome Flow (in Mailchimp) if you haven’t already - but if you are afraid there’s a overlap, you can also set a “Flow Filter” to exclude anyone who may have “Received or Opened” a Mailchimp Email.
  • List Triggered Flows are almost instantaneous - however, there may be syncing delays between Mailchimp and Klaviyo.  In other words, the Welcome Series Flow (triggered by a List) happens near realtime, but the time it takes from Klaviyo to pull a New Contact into Klaviyo happens in 30 minute increments (and longer if your List is large, it may not be able to pull it all at once).  See the “Mailchimp Sync Frequency” for more details.

If you want to just send a “preview” of the email, you can go into the message within the Flow, into the “editor mode” and then click on the “Preview” link.  See here.

Also, I linked to it already, but you should run through this guide in case you haven’t seen it yet:

Hope this was helpful!