Welcome series email not triggered when someone subscribes

  • 18 November 2021
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I have setup my welcome series email but it doesn't get triggered when someone subscribes, I also tested it with my email. What I have done so far is:
1) integration is ok (all other emails and flows work ok, stats are all good), javascript also good.
2) I have selected the newsletter as list to use
3) double opt in is disabled
4) All the checkbox to allow marketing materials are enabled by default in the footer newsletter form.
5) I’m not using any pop up to collect subscribers

When someone subscribes, shopify registers that correctly (customers), a new profile gets created in klavyio and looks like this:

When I check the actual Newsletter list in Klavyio, it’s empty.
When I manually add the person to the list (Quick Add function), it enters the flow and the email is sent.

Why is this? Everything is set correctly right?

Also I noticed that people messaging me through the contact us form on our website don’t get their profile created. On my preview store this worked ok and i could reply to them from klavyio using my store email...



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2 replies

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Ok apparently I had to wait a little after disabling the double opt in. Now it’s working ok.

Hope this helps others

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Hello @TheVAX00,

Glad you were able to get your Welcome Series to work after some self-troubleshooting! 

I’ve also included some other helpful Community posts that may be of further help to you and other Community members who run across this issue below:

Thanks for being a part of the Klaviyo Community!