Welcome Series Flow - Customer v Non Customer

  • 22 February 2022
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Hi everyone, I have created a welcome series flow for customer v non customer (but I’m not sure whether the flow is correct or not. It would be a lot helpful if you guys can clear up the confusion I have.

So my purpose here is that I will set a conditional split to follow up email sequences with them if they did not make purchase after my second email for non customer.

But if they did make purchase, I will stop sending them follow up email.


The question is: I not sure my conditional split is correct or not and 

Should I put “has placed order at least once since starting this flow” or should I put

“has placed an order in the last x days”? I have attached below image for your reference.

Kind of confuse about since starting this flow too.


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Hi @Riccd 

Great question! At first glance, the way you have your Welcome series  configured with the conditional split looks correct. When setting up your conditional split the logic you set always applies to the “Yes” track, which based on how you’ve setup your flows and the following messages looks good. 

In the context for which filter to use, one question I have is how are users being added to the list this welcome series is triggered from. I assume users are added when they simply subscribe (via a form on your site) as well as through an ecom purchase where they are added to the same list. 

Because this is a list-triggered flow, keep in mind users can only enter this flow once. So, if someone subscribes and receives the non-buyer flow, but then purchase, they won’t be able to receive the flow again (which I think is your goal, but I wanted to mention it). 

In terms of your second conditional split, I like the way you have it set up using the condition “Hasn’t purchased since starting this flow” because time/date based filters can be tricky pending on when someone subscribes so in this case, it will look at the total duration since being entered into the flow to send them the third email. 

I hope this helps!

@In the Inbox 

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@In the Inbox 

Ok, got it thanks!