What does it mean when a property is "set" or "not set"?

  • 2 April 2024
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What does it mean when a profile property is “set” or “not set”? 

I’m understanding it to mean that there is something in that profile property for a specific profile, as opposed to the profile not having that property at all. Is my assumption correct?


I’m asking because I’m setting up a conditional split in a flow to only allow profiles with a certain profile property to move to the “yes” side of the split. It doesn’t make a difference what the profile property is, just that it exists. Is the correct way to configure the split to select “Properties about someone”, “x profile property” is “set”?


Thanks in advance!




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Hi @B B 

Thank you for posting your question in the community. 

Your understanding of the profile property logic “is set” or “is not set” is correct and how you want to use it in your flow filter is spot on. 

In your case, since you want to look for the property to have a value, regardless of what that value is, or not have the property at all, is best used with the “is set” or “is not set” logic. 

Please let us know if you have any other questions!

@In the Inbox 

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Thank you for your response @In the Inbox

Now if that is the case, I cannot figure out why my flow isn’t working properly...

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HI @B B 

If you’d like to post a screenshot of your flow and flow filter, I’d be happy to take a look and troubleshoot it with you and see if we can get it working.


@In the Inbox 


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Thanks so much @In the Inbox.


The first conditional split in the flow contains the following filters:


I set up a test in which I sent myself an email and clicked through the email, which also caused the “age category of interest” property to be set. It is set, and the other filters are true as well, as you can see in this screenshot:


However, it is sending my profile to the “no” side of the split, despite apparently meeting all the conditions for the “yes”. What am I doing wrong here?


I hope this question is clear.



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Hi @B B , jumping in here with @In the Inbox (Bryan), 

Did you make sure to set a time delay between sending the email and evaluating the condition? If you didn’t give it a time delay, it may have evaluated that “you didn’t click” instantly before you actually had the time to perform the click in the email. Can you share what your Flow looks like as well?

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Thank you @retention 

I didn’t set a time delay. Below is a screenshot of this part of the flow. Where would I put it and how much of a time delay? What if someone only clicks a few days after receiving the email? I need them to receive the post-reengagement email within a short while of clicking through Re-engagement email #1.


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@B B Thanks for sharing the Flow, and it’s what I suspected that you didn’t give someone a chance to click before sending the “Post-Engagement email.”  So what’s happening is your first email (Reengagement Email #1) is sent, and in literally a split second later, it evaluate if someone clicked.  Obviously, no human can receive an email and click in less than 1 second, so it’s going to evaluates to the “No” side because it fails your first condition “Clicked at least once since starting the Flow.” 

How much time delay is up to you to determine, normally, I would give it at least 1 full day.  You can look in any of your campaign flow messages, and realize that majority of people click within the first day (actually, in the first few hours).  The longer you wait, the more people will go to the “Yes” branch, the shorter you wait, it is more likely they will get the Reengagement Email #2. 

Creating a Segment Triggered Flow

Now, to make things a bit more sophisticated, and if I understand your goal, If you want to send the “Post-reengagement email” whenever someone clicks Email #1 (but have not received Email #2 yet) “instantly” - you can create a separate Flow triggered on a Segment of people who have received Email #1 AND Clicked on Email #1 WITH a Flow Filter of not receiving Email #2 yet.

Just note, Segment triggered Flows have a slight delay (10-15 minutes) for processing, so it’s not going to send the second someone clicks, but it gets you closer to an “instant reply” after the click. This is a bit of extra work to do, but it will have this effect that if someone clicks on an email, they get a reply right after the click. There’s a few complexities if you want people who clicked on Email #1 to also get your Email #2 (since they would have also received the “Post-reengagement email...”, but you can modify your Flow Filters (or Message Filters) to adjust to what you intend to do.

I hope this gets you on the right track with some options to consider!


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Thank you! This is extremely helpful @retention. I will work on this and be back with any further questions, if that’s ok.