What? What are you doing, Klaviyo?

  • 7 February 2023
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Been waiting for some features from Klaviyo for two years now, and based on their forum, it seems I’m not the only one.


Why does Klaviyo product team is working on some small unnecessary/useless updates, ignoring the ones that are essential. Updated UX icons in the Flow menu? Woah, incredibly useful. Updating analytics and dashboards when it is known that Klaviyo’s tracking is very inaccurate and on top – removing customization? Great.


Is there anyone, working in Klaviyo, who could elaborate, why these features, that are present within every other ESP, are not present in Klaviyo:

  • Link tracking (current link tracking solution is useless, because it doesn’t show you how much times X button or Y hyperlink was clicked – it tracks links, which are unique, therefore, showing scattered data)
  • Public email view (currently you can only share an email template, if the person has a user within that Klaviyo account. From perspective of security and flexibility, this is as dull as it gets)
  • Conditional split -> yes -> move subscriber to Flow X (now you can only update a custom property and base your new flow on that, which is an unnecessary step and over-complication of something very simple + if you’re flows are based on events, that can get really sticky)

And many others that are not on top of my mind. It seems that Klaviyo’s attention is on small businesses, with less than 10k subscribers. Because otherwise, anything they released in the past year wouldn’t make any sense.

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Hello @moodxmanager ,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on our forum.

Although I cannot share specifics, the features you have talked about are being worked on and are noted by our product teams.

At Klaviyo, we’re looking out for all Klaviyo customers (not just small businesses, (although of course small businesses are also important to us). We give careful consideration to each feature we develop and how it will impact different groups of customers in terms of size and industry.

We’ve also had some major releases with our product this year to help a variety of customer types. Some examples being:

•SMS A/B testing in Flows

•Campaigns V3 API

•Full page and scheduled Signup Forms

•Campaign reporting by segment

•Dynamic Blocks in Signup Forms


We hope to continue updating our product with feedback from all areas such as the Community.