What would happen if I change the time delay of a live Klaviyo flow?

  • 19 September 2023
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Hi there,

I have a confusing question in regards to the Klaviyo Flows. We currently have a live flow as below:

Trigger: When someone has the tag XXX → wait 1 day → 1st Email → wait 1 month → 2nd Email

After an internal discussion, we  would like to change my time delay to this:

Trigger: When someone has the tag XXX → wait 15 mins → 1st Email → wait 3 days → 2nd Email

However, there are still 2 customers in the waiting of 2nd Email. Can anyone tell me what would happen if I change the time delay? Would those 2 customers be skipped? Or would they receive the 2nd Email immediately?

Thanks for helping out!


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Hey @Darren C 

Thanks for reaching out about the time delay in your flow, happy to help! 

If you change the Time Delay, it will only affect new people who are added after you make the change.  Anyone who has already been scheduled will not have their times changed.  By making this change, you will not have to worry that someone will be excluded from the Flow. They will just receive email #2  when they were originally scheduled to receive it. 

Hope this helps!