When setting up similar flows what is the best course of action? And why should 'add to cart 0 times since starting this flow' be a filter for cart abandonment?

  • 27 January 2022
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Ive been setting up klaviyo flows and I gotta say i’m having fun with it :) 

I just wanted to double check something before I accidentally end up spamming my email list. 


  • I have an abandoned checkout flow - trigger: started checkout, and filter: not placed order.
  • I have a browse abandonment flow - trigger: view product, filter: started checkout 0 times, placed order 0 times, add to cart 0 times 
  • I have an abandoned cart flow - trigger: add to cart, Filters: started checkout 0 times, placed order 0 times, add to cart 0 times, not been in flow for 15 days.  


I have 3 questions regarding these flows.

Firstly: should i have smart sending on for every email in every flow? Would this mean that if someone views a product and leaves they get an email, but if they then start checkout and dont finish they wont then get a further email within 16hours? 

secondly: for abandoned cart flow - I added the filter add to cart 0 times since start of flow because this is what is reccomended - however I am really struggling to grasp what this actually means. It feels like its saying: add person to flow if theyve added to cart, but only if they havent added to cart… 

Thirdly: Would my filters all set in place make sure that theres not a situation where someone would accidentally trigger all 3 and then get spammed by me - would enabling smart sending for every email ensure that this would never happen. 


Thanks for your answers - I am new to this and I dont want to end up annoying customers! 


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Hi @armedandgorgeous.

I’m very glad to hear you’ve been having fun setting up Klaviyo flows :) 

On your first question, you don’t need smart sending on every email in the flow. And your assessment is correct, smart sending will skip anyone from receiving an email if they’ve already received a previous email within the smart sending timeframe (which by default is 16 hours).

On your second question, the key to this criteria is the “since started this flow” portion, which is referring to subsequent events after the trigger. So someone adds an item to their cart, they trigger the flow, that filter is saying if they add a subsequent item to their cart (so 2 added to cart events total) do not send them subsequent emails for each item added to the cart. This is done with the intention of avoiding spamming the user if they add multiple items to their cart in succession. 

On your third question, smart sending would solve the issue but it’s not necessary in this case since the flow filters are already working to serve the exact same purpose and do so in a more refined manner. The flow filters are specifically looking out for the events that trigger the other flows to avoid spamming the user if they go from Add to Cart > View Product > Abandon Checkout. As long as you have all of the recommended filters in place spamming them won’t be an issue.