When the discount code available is better than the Discount code in the Flow.

  • 6 February 2021
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I have an abandoned checkout flow with a discount code incentive of 35% off to finish the order.

I just sent out an email with a BOGO offer that you use a seperate discount code to get the 50% off.

So it seems these people are going to get an abandoned checkout email with a 35% off code in it when the cart they abandoned had the capability of a 50% discount code depending on what discount code they used. It seems silly to send them an email with a lower discount amount that the order they abandoned.

How would you retarget the emails to the people that started from the BOGO discount offer? Would you just change the language in the email to temporarily offer the 50% off instead of the 35% or is there a programmatic way of achieving this ?

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I actually figured it out because this software is so damn amazing. 

I ended up adding a conditional split, so if the checkout contained a DISCOUNT Code for the Bogo, then I send them a cloned message of my 35% OFF mailer, and just change the language to say, DONT MISS THE BOGO… and add the BOGO code for 50% off to that group.

If the Checkout does not contain the BOGO discount code, then send them the regular 35% mailer I had to begin with.

This way, the customer receives a reminder with the actual code they started with.