Who should receive my first campaign?

  • 1 January 2022
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Who should the 1st campaign be sent to based on welcome series interaction of subscribers...ONLY sent to those who opened or clicked on links without buying anything?

Or is the 1st campaign sent to ANYONE who goes through the welcome series even if they didn’t open or click on any links?

If they did buy a product, how are they segmented off into customer lists? Where do I put that condition?

And is the 1st campaign automatically sent out to people who went through the welcome series? Under campaign > recipients it says send to “potential purchasers” “Winback opportunities” “Newsletter”.

How are “Potential Purchasers” determined? Those who clicked on links, abandoned carts or product browses? In which case, will they automatically go into the abandoned cart/browse flows that I have activated...even if they’re still in the welcome series, or do they switch over to those flows and come out of the welcome flow even if they haven’t completed it?

I have linked the popup forms for the welcome series to “Newsletter” So does this mean welcome series subscribers will automatically go into the campaign after they complete the welcome series? How many days after the welcome series do they receive the 1st campaign email? Where do I set this time delay?

The welcome series is a 3 email sales countdown of discount code expiry. The 1st campaign after that starts with my market tips to help subscribers improve their skills. There will be product promotions too but it will be a mix of that and useful tips. 

So keep the campaign open for anyone who went through the welcome series, or segment it off only to those who engaged with the content by opening or clicking on links?

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Hi @Sunil


Thanks for sharing your question with us! 


Hey @NJVasic and @retention, do y’all have any sending strategies for sending your first campaign and who should be the recipients? Especially if they some users in your Newsletter didn’t interact with your Welcome Flow? 


Unlike Flows,, which are an automated sequence of messages, a Campaign has to be created and manually sent or scheduled to send at a future date, it is not automatically sent. Those groupings under recipients are potential grouping of people who could receive the campaign you’re about to create. A campaign can be sent to those in a segment and a list. I would recommend checking out our full library on Campgain-related Help Center Articles .


If you wish for customers to be dynamically pulled into a grouping based on a property they have or action they’ve done, then you will need to create a Segment with the conditions you’re looking for. To dynamically pull all your customers who have bought a product from your company, you would navigate to the Lists & Segments Tab > Create New > Segments > What Someone Has Done (or Has Not Done) > Placed Order > At least once > Over all Time. You can change this segment’s or create new segments depending on your specific business goals. 


The Potential Purchasers segment is a pre-created segment in your account upon creation. If you wish to see the conditions of any segment in your segment and list tab, you can click the option of ‘View Definition’ under your Segment title to view the criteria of the group. As you can see from the screenshot below, the definition of ‘Potential Purchasers’ would be users who have only taken some action on your site, but never purchased an item.



Users will go through a flow if they have taken the trigger-action of the flow, at this time, you cannot feed users form one flow to another in Klaviyo. A user will stay in a flow and exit at the determined exit time you created unless you have created conditional split or Flow Filters that would kick them out of the flow if they met/didn’t meet a specific criteria to stay in the flow. Hypothetically, if a user has first signed up for your Newsletter, they will trigger your Welcome Flow and be queued up to receive your automated messages in your Welcome Flow. If they then proceed to add products to their cart then do not follow through with their checkout after inputting their first page of information and not following through with a transaction, they will trigger your Abandon Cart Flow. Hypothetically, if they take this exact process, they could be in two flows at the same time. However, being in the potential purchasers segment isn’t a guarantee they have abandoned a cart, they simply could have viewed products and not placed an order to be in this segment.


You can prevent users from potentially being in two flows at the same time using trigger filters and flow filters, as mentioned before to weed out exactly who you want and don’t want to go through a flow. You can also prevent a users from receiving too many messages at a time, if they are in two flows at once, by turning on your Smart Sending Feature,, which will prevent users from receiving multiple messages within a certain time frame you set. However, just because a user is in this ‘Potential Purchasers’ segment, does not mean they will trigger any sort of flow, unless you create a Segment-Triggered Flow, which will send users through a flow once they are added to a segment. Users in the segment will have to take a trigger-action of a flow to go through the flow sequence.


I know the Klaviyo product can be tricky to pick up at first, but I would again encourage you to check out our awesome Academy resources linked below as they would help build a strong and comprehensive foundational of product knowledge and help understand some of the features I explored above. 



Thanks for your participation in the Community!