Why am I receiving my Test Email almost an hr later when i used to receive it instantly?

  • 29 December 2021
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Having issues with the test email being recieved in a timely manner. Taking up to an hour. Anybody else having this issue? Used to be instant.


Best answer by Taylor Tarpley 29 December 2021, 22:32

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6 replies

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Hi @Mindy


Welcome to the Community, thanks for sharing your question with us! 


There doesn’t appear to be any incidents on the Klaviyo Status Page relating to this issue. Do you mind supplying some additional information to help walk through what might be happening here? Was the test email you received from a campaign or flow message? Additionally, was it a preview email or a live email sent only to yourself? Are there any time delays in the flow or have you seen any notifications in your account pertaining to throttling or reaching your monthly sending limit if it was a live send? 


Let’s get to the bottom of this together and thanks for being a part of the Community! 


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Before I start an unnecessary topic about the same issue, maybe i might as well reply here?

If not wanted, please let me know.


But I am running into a similar problem, but my preview mails are not sent at all. I have tried to2 different mails, both last night as just an hour ago, but i did not receive anything, I also checked my spamboxes.


Could there be some sort of bug?


regards Ben


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Hi @BenB


Happy to walk through this with you! 


I think this issue does share similarities and differences with the original post as they both are under the issue of preview issue sends. However, not receiving the preview sends at all, meaning the messages aren’t found at all in spam or other tabs, is something that can happen when preview emails are being blocked due to an inbox provider's DMARC settings. 

Do you have a dedicated sending domain set up already? If not, what essentially happens is that is that inboxes block emails due to the misalignment between from-address domain and sending domain (Klaviyo). So the email is essentially saying it’s coming from one domain, but is really coming from Klaviyo's domain. Some inboxes may consider that a red flag.
I suggest considering setting up a Dedicated Sending Domain (DNS) if you have not. Setting up a dedicated sending domain authenticates your sending infrastructure so that, when emails reach inbox providers (e.g., Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft, etc.), they will appear to come from your brand, rather than from the Klaviyo shared domain. There are several reasons you may want to set up a dedicated sending domain, including to have greater control over your business’s branding and sending reputation. In the above article, you will learn more about a dedicated sending domain and how Klaviyo’s self service domain authentication tool works to accomplish this task.


Thanks for your participation in the Community!


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Hi Taylor,


Thanks for the fast and clear reply! :smiley:

Just to get it straight, so if I set up the Dedicated Sending Domain, that would fix the DMARC blocking of my outgoing mails? That is all i need to do?


regards, Ben

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Hi @BenB


Yes, setting up a Dedicated Sending Domain should presumably fix the sending problem if it is indeed a DMARC issue.


One final test you could run would be to try sending a preview to one of your email address es and your company’s email address to see if a certain domain might be getting filtered out. Additionally, you can send a ‘live’ email, not a preview, only to yourself and investigate whether or not a “received email’ event  is recorded on the Klaviyo profile. If it is recorded, that confirms that Klaviyo is sending the email and the server is indeed blocking it.


If you have any issues or problems setting up a Dedicated Sending Domain, I would recommend reaching out to our awesome support team.


Thanks for sharing your experience with the Community!


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We had the same issues with emails not being sent, and we managed to solve the problem by setting a Dedicated Sending Domain. Once we did that the open rates almost doubled and the emails bounce rate decreased significantly. 

LE: An important step that we took seriously is the sending “Warm Up” process, once we changed to our dedicated sending domain we avoided sending newsletters for about 1 month and only used the klaviyo emails triggered by Flows, so the daily volume would be lower and to relevant prospects. 

We followed the official  Klavio email Warmup guide here, and also some of the tips presented in this Klavio send a test email guide

regards, D.