Why are Has No One Gone through my Shopify Welcome Flow?

  • 27 September 2021
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I created a new welcome email from Flows, and selected the shopify tag. Why hasn’t a single email been sent? The number has been increasing of Profile. 



Best answer by Taylor Tarpley 27 September 2021, 22:24

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Hi @Esther


Great job on creating a welcome Series Flow! This ensure your customers’ receive a personalized experience and good first impression with your company! 


It seems that your Welcome is a List-Triggered Flow  connected to your Newsletter list. This means that theoretically, whenever a user is added or subscribes to your Newsletter list, they should enter and travel through the Flow. The Flow Filters filters initially check whether or not a user will qualify for the flow depending on the filters applied. These filters additionally check to see if a users still belongs in the flow at each step. You will not see any analytics for the flow display until the Flow has been triggered i.e. until someone had subscribed to the Newsletter list. 


Whenever you are experiencing potential troubleshooting issues, it is always best to investigate the difference between the number of profiles subscribed to your Newsletter List and how any people have gone through the Flow. If no one has signed up for the List, this might be the reason why no one is recorded to have gone through the Flow yet. Also, might I ask the reason behind why you have so many Shopify tags attached to this Welcome Flow? While Flow Filters can specify who we want to allow in a Flow and exclude, having a long list of filters for a Flow that should be pretty inclusive might be a potential factor why no one has qualified for the Flow. For instance, if they do not have the correct tags, they would be barred from traveling through the Flow. 


However, if none of these possibilities are the issue, I would ensure your correct List is synced to bring subscribers from Shopify to Klaviyo. Your can navigate to your Integrations tab and see what List is connected to receive subscribers from Shopify and see if any adjustments need to be made. 


Finally, I would check out if these similar posts by fellow users in the Community could bring additional insight into what might be happening to your Flow! 


Thank you for being a part of the Community! 





Thank you for your reply.Taylor Tarpley

I hope that all those who leave their mailboxes anywhere on our website will receive the welcome email immediately, and those who leave their mailboxes in our Facebook advertising posts will also receive the welcome email as soon as possible.

I thought that by selecting these lists, they would all receive emails. Obviously, my approach is wrong.

Could you tell me how to change the settings? Let everyone receive the welcome email the first time.

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Hi @Esther,


That’s totally understandable! The Community exists to share our workflows and processes with each other and see what needs to change to fix an issue or increase efficiency! 


Yes, if you want anyone who signs up to your Newsletter to go through the Welcome Flow, I would change the settings of the Flow by deleting the Flow Filters. You can delete them by navigating to your Flow Filter > Trigger Setup tab on the left side of your Flow screen, there should be a small trash can item below each filter. Deleting these will make your Flow more inclusive as the Filters will no longer potentially prohibit anyone from going through the Flow. It might be helpful to imagine how a normal filter works, it narrows the further down you go. Just the same, applying more filters narrows the amount of users who would qualify for the flow the more filters we add and what the qualifications are necessary to proceed. 


Additionally, in order for your Facebook Subscribers to receive a welcome series as well, you can either connect them to the same ‘Newsletter’ list that triggers this specific Welcome Flow or clone this Welcome Flow and create the List-Trigger specific to your Facebook Subscriber list that syncs with Klaviyo. 


Thanks for your additional input in the Community!