Why Are My Abandoned Cart Flows Not Sending?

  • 23 December 2020
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Can someone check my triggers for the Abandont Cart. I have these three flows, but see that the Abandoned Cart has not worked at all. Are my triggers wrong? My Abandoned Checkout and Browse Abandonment have been sending. They all have Smart Sending on, but I’m not sure if that’s the problem. 


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By the look of the screenshot you’ve shared, the Flow trigger and filters looks good.

Here are a couple of troubleshooting ideas that you can try:
Smart Sending
In the case when people are skipping emails in a Flow due to Smart Sending option, you’ll see those people in the “Skipped” section of your Email.

Additionally, if you have people in the “Skipped” section, you can inspect the reason for being skipped if you click on the “View all Analytics” and navigate to “Recipient Activity”.

Here you can see a breakdown of reasons why certain people got skipped in this email.

Metric not working

There might be a chance that your custom “Add to Cart” metric is not working correctly. If you open the “Add to Cart” metric and navigate to “Activity Feed” you should see the latest events that triggered the “Add to Cart” metric. If you don’t see any recent events in the “Activity Feed”, it means that either your subscribers are not adding to cart, or your “Add to Cart” metric is not set correctly.


Preview Trigger Setup

If you can see events here, but the Flow is still not triggering, you can check the “Preview Trigger Setup” feature for your Flow. Here you can navigate through your most recent “Add to Cart” events and see whether those subscribers are eligible to enter your Flow based on the filters you have in place. Go to your Flow, click on your Trigger, and click on “Preview Trigger Setup”.

From the next window, you can navigate through real subscribers who triggered the “Add to Cart” metric, and see whether they’re eligible to enter the Flow or if they’re failing certain filter.

These are the first steps I would take in troubleshooting the issue you’ve described.

Hope this helps!

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@retention thank you so much for this response! it was definitely my code that was tinkered with that affected the added to cart metric. super helpful!