Why are profiles stuck in 'waiting' at a conditional split?

  • 13 November 2021
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Hi there, I am trying to make a flow for customers who’ve bought a specific product with a conditional split to see if they’ve bought another related product.  If Yes, they flow through to a 12 hour wait then receive an email.  If No, they flow to another email.  It seems though that almost everyone is stuck in the Waiting phase of the conditional split and I’m not sure why.

Also, only 5 people have moved down to the Yes flow email, and they are all in “review” and no emails have gone out.


Can you help me figure out what I’m doing wrong?  Thanks 


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2 replies

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Hey there! I’d have to see the Flow setup (a screenshot would do) in order to identify the issue.

I had a different kind of problem, where I used Conditional Split after Placed Order for Cross-Sell Flow, but turns out the correct way to do it is to use Trigger Split, and not Conditional. Perhaps that might be helpful in your case, too.

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Hi @thewoollythistle


Welcome to the Community, thanks for sharing your question with us! 


Conditional splits are a great way to make sure your subscribers get tailed email content. When a customer enters a flow, they will be in the 'waiting' category until it is time to be evaluated at the split. After a recipient is evaluated at a split, they will be scheduled down the YES or NO path as appropriate. Investigating the ‘View Activity’ tab of a split will give a more comprehensive insight into all the profiles who are waiting and have been through the split. 


I think @NJVasic makes a great point, and thanks for jumping in here to help a fellow member! It would be helpful for us to see a screenshot of your Flow to further identify the issue here! If five people have successfully gone through the split, that is a good sign that it is working properly, however, profiles can get ‘stuck’ at a conditional split if the setup is configured incorrectly.


If an email in a flow says it needs ‘review’, this is an indicator that the flow email is in ‘manual mode’  and needs you to manually send the email in order for it to reach your customers. 


Additionally, I would check out similar posts made by fellow users in the Community to gain further insight! 


Thanks for asking your question in the Community!