Why are the product recommendations always the same?

  • 2 July 2022
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I have integrated Shopify with Klaviyo and inserted product feeds in my browse abandonment and abandoned cart flow emails. However, I noticed that the generated product recommendations are all the same in the emails that I have received in the past month. I’m very confused because shouldn’t the product feeds be dynamic? 

Appreciate if someone can help me understand why I am always getting the same recommendations. Should I make any adjustments from my end? 


Here’s the current data feeds settings:


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Hi @Ning,

Thanks for sharing this question with the community.

When you use the “popular products first” option, items purchased (or viewed if you use Viewed Product) most frequently in the past 90 days are recommended first. It is dynamic in the sense that the items populating in the block are subject to change as the popularity of certain items within your store change over time. For more information on product feeds and recommendations, see our article here. We also have a section on personalized recommendations which tailors recommendations to each email recipient based on their past behavior.

I hope that’s helpful.