Why did Klaviyo send my database an old email?

  • 31 January 2022
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I send emails out every other week or so on average. Here is the process I follow (which I have done since switching to Klaviyo a couple of years ago):

  1. Clone existing campaign with matching settings (recipients, etc)
  2. Replace Subject line
  3. Replace content with new email content
  4. Send out tests, await approval
  5. After approval, complete the scheduling process

Even though the test emails I sent out were correct and approved, Klaviyo sent out the campaign I originally cloned this one from, reverting step 3 altogether. When I realised today, I double checked the test emails that went out, and they were correct.

How is it possible that the email content which was previewed was then just completely removed and reverted during the actual send? It’s a huge problem for me as I don’t see an obvious way to workaround this issue, I just have to watch the inbox and cross my fingers that it doesn’t happen again in future?


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Hi @DJG,

Thank you for posting here and welcome to the Community!
To better assist, I’d love to ask a few questions first. When you say"send out test, await approval" are you possibly sending "preview emails"? Assuming you are, I would make sure that you are are saving the newly updated content and template. If you were sending out the tests as Live email sends, I would like to ask how you are "completing process" and if you can elaborate on that. Are you recloning the old campaign and sending them again?

Also, instead of just constantly cloning a campaign, editing the template in the campaign itself, I may suggest creating a base email template which you can attach to the campaign and edit to ensure the content is updated.

Lastly, one more thing that could have happened is that your emails may be threading. This occurs if your emails or even your old emails have the same subject line. Inbox providers will thread the emails making it almost a conversation and hide the most recent content with an inbox notification.

Looking forward to hearing back,