Why Did My Email Campaign Not Send To More Than Half My List?

  • 7 October 2021
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Hi there!

I recently sent an email on behalf of a client to a list that contains 176 people. Only 51 emails sent, and 3 bounced. So I am wondering what happened to apx 117 of those emails and why they did not send. This list is an international list so I am wondering if that has something to do with it. The emails are all good and have been collected from the companies (aka the list was not purchased). When I uploaded the list into Klaviyo, it said all 176 emails were imported successfully. 

Any guidance will be greatly appreciated! 




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5 replies

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Hi @Alana Bellinger


Welcome to the Community, we are glad to have you! 


I’m sorry to hear your last email campaign didn’t send to all your recipients! I don’t think this issue would pertain to the fact that your recipients are international or how it sounds like you collected the emails from your subscribers. The potential reason these emails weren’t delivered could be due to Email Deliverability,  Smart Sending or the fact that the profiles you uploaded might have been suppressed, meaning they haven’t consented to email marketing. Those 117 emails might have sent, but might have been skipped or prevented from hitting your senders’ inboxes and therefore ‘failed’. To be sure, you chan check the reason why these emails might ‘skipped’ or ‘failed’ by navigating to the ‘Recipient Activity’ tab in your Campaign.


Additionally, have you followed proper Warming Protocol for your Sending Infrastructure? Following these practices can help develop a good ‘sender’ reputation so email providers will be more trusting of the messages you send which will therefore increase your deliverability. Deliverability issues can occur for various reasons such as: 

  • your sending reputation/habits 
  • content of the email
  • subject line
  • past engagement from the users


I would consider checking out our documentation on Deliverability Best Practices to ensure your deliverability rates increase and improve the number of emails hitting your subscribers’ inboxes who want to receive them! 


Finally, I would suggest checking out fellow users asking the same question and experiencing similar issues. 




Thanks for being a part of the Community! 

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I set up an email campaign for 11:30am today (IST) and smart sending was turned off, but it shows only 130 of 11,870 total recipients have received it so far. It also says “Still Sending”. Can you help me with why such few people have received the email?

Pasting stats here:


1 of 2 timezones sent


Has Ordered Product More than Once (12,019)


Sent to 130 of 11,870 total recipients so far


Smart Sending 11359
Send Failed 4
Person Suppressed 357
Suspicious Email 19


March 8 at 11:30 a.m. locally for all recipients

Thank you!

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Hi @Rheah


Sorry for the delay, thanks for sharing your question with us! 


Unfortunately, it does seem like a lot of your recipients were skipped due to Smart Sending. Can you confirm that this image was the box you ticked when you 'ensured that smart sending’ was turned off? If you can, I would submit a ticket awesome support team as this is not expected behavior and the message should’ve sent to all your recipients, no matter if they received another email from your brand recently. 

Additionally, it will still say ‘still sending’ as there could be recipients that aren’t at the 11:30 am timeframe for their timezone and the campaign is waiting for it to turn 11:30 for them in their respective timezone.


Thanks for participating in the Community!


I have a problem with the total number of recipients for my campaign. It goes to show that my total recipients should be around 3000+ but the total number sent was only 772. Smart Sending is off. Can you help me figure out what’s wrong? I was previously sending campaigns to around 4000+ but now, it is only being sent to around 772 people. 


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Hi there @BrixP5222


Is it possible that there is overlap between the lists and segments you sent your recent campaign to? There is a feature in our Campaign builder that calculates expected recipients, which could be the reason for the decrease in the suspected.


However, if this is definitely not the case, and your previous ‘total sent’ number of recipients are confirmed to be in the 4k plus, I suggest reaching out to our awesome support team to further troubleshoot this!