Why does an email get cancelled in a flow?

  • 1 September 2023
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Hello Klaviyo community! I just found out that emails can sometimes get skipped because it is cancelled. I'm wondering what triggers this and what actions I can take to prevent it from happening again. Would you mind sharing some insights on this topic? Thank you kindly!


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Hi @veejaybee 

‘Skipped: Email Cancelled’ in your flow means that either you (or someone in your org,) has cancelled the email send to those contacts, or you switched the email from live to draft while editing. When you change the status back to live, any contacts that were in the queue for that email prior to switching to draft will be skipped when it goes live again.

For the cancelled sends in your flow, you can manually ‘resend’ if it make sense to do so (‘resend’ is misleading as they have been skipped!) However, note that if you have multiple messages in your flow, they may have been skipped for eg email #1 ((cancelled) but may have received email #2 at the next step.

Hope that makes sense and helps!