Why don't I see Webhook activity in a customer profile who went through Webhook flow?

  • 17 February 2024
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I have one webhook flow and a few simple email flows. Webhook is triggered when a user enters a segment. when i check the profile - i see in the events dropdown  all my flows (and some other events) - but i do not see the webhook flow. Why is that?


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Hi @Rajiv


Welcome to the Community! Happy to help! 


If you’re not seeing any activity logged for a profile you know should have gone through the Webhook flow it’s possible that the action didn’t successfully execute. To try to discover if this is the case and the potential reason, I’d follow these troubleshooting steps below!

  1. Navigate to the Webhook flow and check the activity of the first step or action in the flow? Do you see any ‘skipped’ profiles in the activity section? If so, do you see the reason why?
  2. Try to test the Webhook action and see if you get an error message for why it couldn’t be accomplished. 


For example, a 422 error usually indicates there is unprocessable content, or invalid data in the request.


It should be noted as Webhooks are considered custom solutions, we can’t further help troubleshoot or rectify the issue here so I’d suggest asking your developer to take a look at the API call being made and investigate the payload sent! 


Hope this helps!