Why don't the subscribers from my Shopify Subscriber Box get added to my Welcome Series List?

  • 1 January 2021
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Hi Everyone,

New to Klaviyo but loving the features so far. Way better than Mailchimp and Seguno which I’ve used in the past.

I’m having one small problem that I can’t figure out. I have 2 subscription signup areas on my website:

  • First is the Signup Form popup through Klaviyo. These subscribers get automatically added to the “Welcome Series” List in Klaviyo. They all start receiving emails from the “Welcome Series” flow. This is perfect.
  • Second is the Shopify Theme Subscriber Box at the bottom of my homepage. These subscribers get added to the “Customers” in Shopify and then get added to my “All - Newsletter” Segment (my full campaign list of everyone who has subscribed) in Klaviyo but don’t get added to my “Welcome Series” List in Klaviyo. How do I also get them included automatically into my “Welcome Series” List so they start receiving the “Welcome Series” flow?

The site is for reference.

Thanks in advanced!



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12 replies

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Hi @jeffgreatt ,

In the Integrations tab in Klaviyo, you can set a List for the subscribers who accepts marketing through Shopify.


Here you need to select the “Welcome Series” list and people coming through Shopify should start entering that list.

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That setting was already selected and they don’t get entered into the “Welcome Series” list. Any other suggestions?



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Hi @jeffgreatt, so just to make confirm, once you set the “Subscribe customers who Accept Marketing to a Klaviyo list” to “Welcome Series”, you also made sure to update shopify settings correct?

I entered my email address to the embed form at the bottom of the site and was added as a profile but can confirm that I did not receive the Welcome Series which is indeed strange so just trying to continue to figure out where this may be experiencing an issue. 

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Hi @Paul S - can you confirm or walk me through how to update my shopify settings correctly for this? Just want to double check it is correct.

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@jeffgreatt Based on the limited information here, I can suggest checking this peace of Klaviyo’s documentation:

If you are using a Shopify 3rd party theme, your theme's default signup forms must also apply the Newsletter tag to new subscribers in order for Klaviyo to automatically sync these subscribers to a Klaviyo list. Contact your theme developer, or if you're comfortable editing your theme's source code, add the following hidden input tag to your form's input group:
<input type="hidden" name="contact[tags]" value="newsletter">

Here’s the link to that part of the documentation:

If this doesn’t help, please provide more screenshots of your settings, like:
1. Flow Trigger
2. The “Welcome Series” list
3. Profile Properties to a subscriber that opted in through the form in the Footer.

Remember to hide any vital information that you’re not comfortable sharing publicly.


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Hi @jeffgreatt, if you didn’t already, it would just require you to click on the button in the Shopify integration section but definitely follow up if the issue persists.


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@jeffgreatt I'm not sure if this was the issue but can you check in Shopify that you don't have the double opt-in enabled in the backend in settings > notifications?

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Hello @jeffgreatt,

Just wondering if you were able to resolve your issue for future Community viewers!

Thanks to the contribution of @Omar,@retention, and @Paul S, I think we can summarize and pull everything together that if you were trying to connect your Shopify provided embed form from your Shopify theme some steps check and troubleshoot would be:

  • Ensure that the Accepts Marketing setting is enabled within your Shopify Integration settings and point to a list that is meant to trigger your Welcome Series flow
  • Making sure that the Hidden Input Group Tag of <input type="hidden" name="contact[tags]" value="newsletter"> is installed on this Shopify provided embedded form to properly allow contacts who sign up to be added to this list designated by the Accepts Marketing setting
  • Double checking for Double Op-In and if the setting is enabled to remember to confirm the opt-in email. Contacts who signup but do not accept the double opt-in confirmation email would have a Klaviyo profile created, but would not be added to the designated list. 


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I am having this exact issue. Can someone share if/how it was resolved? I have gone through and made sure everything has been done that was suggested here. the shop is

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Hey @keepitsimple,

On top of the areas to check I highlighted prior, I would also recommend checking to see what status your Welcome Series flow is in. The available status of your flow and the steps within the flow can be:

  • Draft
    This is the default status for a new message and is the status you should use while you're still configuring your content and adjusting settings. When a message is in draft, nobody will be queued up or receive it. If you change a message in a live flow to draft, contacts will move on to the following step and skip the draft message.
  • Manual
    When you are done configuring a new message and are interested in testing it out, you can place it in manual mode. When a message is in manual, it is active in your flow but no manual messages will send automatically. You will need to manually review and send all scheduled messages. When a contact is scheduled as "needs review," they will then move to the next step. If you have live messages later in the sequence, they can still receive these while waiting for approval to receive manual messages.
  • Live
    To "turn on" a message in a flow series, you will want to change the message's status to live. A live message is active in your flow and is sending automatically.

Only flows set to Live prior to the contact being added to list would be queued up and sent the flow automatically. If the flow happened to be in Draft mode while the contact was added to the list, the flow would technically be off and not be sent to this contact. You can find directions on how to turn a flow on and set the flow Live from the How to Enable a Flow to Start Sending article.


One more thing to highlight is that if you were testing, keep in mind that a Welcome Series flow is classified as a list triggered flow. List triggered flows are meant to be served to contacts at the first instance the contact is added to the list. Contacts who are pre-existing members of the list who subscribe again to join the list would not be queued up for this flow. Similarly, those contacts who have already received this flow prior would not be served this flow a second time. List and segment triggered flows are only meant to be served to customers once as detailed in the Guide to Creating a List-Triggered Flow article.


If you were still having trouble with with your Welcome Series flow triggering, I would recommend utilizing the Klaviyo Flow Troubleshoot form we offer to assist in troubleshooting your flow further.

Hope this helps!


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I got everything working finally, which leads me to the question - is there a way to change the double optin messages for the shopify initiated optins?

thank you


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Hello @keepitsimple,

Glad you were able to get it working! Do you mind sharing with the rest of the Community members what was the roadblock you faced in users not being added to your list and served the welcome series?

You certainly have the option to update certain elements pertaining to the double opt-in confirmation email sent out from Klaviyo when a customer subscribers to a list. Double opt-in confirmation is list specific. You can navigate and update the specific list’s double opt-in confirmation page by:

  1. Going into the list that your form is connected to
  2. Select the Subscribe & Preference Pages option
  3. Click on Email Confirmation option

You can also learn more about editing this double opt-in page and the other various pages available for your list from the Understanding Opt-in Related Pages for a List article.