Why is my birthday flow not sending any emails?

  • 23 June 2022
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I have activated a birthday flow with unique coupon codes embedded on 22 Jun evening. However, when I checked the flow earlier today, I noticed that no email was sent out as you may see in the screenshot below. In addition, the only person on the waiting list is my personal email (I have manually adjusted my birthday to 24 Jun to better check whether the unique coupon code is working smoothly).

Truly appreciate if someone can help me understand why the flow isn’t sending emails. Should I create a new birthday flow and activate it instead?

p.s. The other flows are all running normally



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Hi @Ning,

Thanks for sharing this with us.

Keep in mind, since you have a flow set-up to check “on a person’s birthday” users will only get queued-up for this flow 24 hours before that date. So first, I’d double-check that you indeed have profiles that would qualify to get queued-up for the flow based on their birthday being within the next 24 hours. Also, keep in mind that the flow will only queue recipients from the time the flow email is set to live or manual mode. If you recently updated the flow email status, I’d revisit the “waiting” tab, you should see recipients with birthdays within the next day being queued-up.

For more information, I recommend reviewing How Date-Based Flows Queue Recipients.

You may also be interested in our best practices guide on creating birthday flow emails.

I hope that’s helpful and thanks for being a community member.