Why is the Background of my Email Not Showing Up on Mobile?

  • 20 November 2020
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Hi! For some reason, the previews I’m sending to my mobile phone are not showing the emails’ background color. Works fine on desktop, though. I wonder why that is?


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3 replies

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Hi there,

This is a bit difficult to troubleshoot without taking a closer look at your email template. I’m wondering if you are referring to the entire email background color, or the background color of a specific block. If it is the latter, please check to see if you’ve set it up to Desktop only as opposed to Desktop & Mobile. 

If you are referencing the entire email background color from the Styles tab, then I would recommend reaching out to the Klaviyo support team for additional troubleshooting. 



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Hello, I’m also having trouble with this, however all of the buttons are on both desktop and mobile. Yet it’s still not showing when I send a preview to myself. 

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Hi @Ashley asae


Thanks for sharing your question with us! 


As our fellow user answered before, there could be various reasons for this. Do you mind sharing if your mobile device is set to dark mode when you were looking at your preview? In both apps and email clients, dark mode inverts or darkens the colors that the viewer sees on their screen. While dark mode helps reduce eye strain from screen use, it can impact how your email appears to your subscribers if you’re not careful. This article will run through best practices to ensure that your emails are optimized for both dark and light modes. 


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