Why is this flow Not Working?

  • 28 October 2022
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Best answer by Brian Turcotte 31 October 2022, 21:54

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Hello @fprice and welcome back to the Community!


I noticed that you another thread going in the Community here:

Is this the same issue? I’m only asking so I can get some more perspective on the issue (is this a brick-and-mortar or SMS custom trigger?)


Judging by the absence of any activity in the Conditional Split, it’s safe to assume that there is an issue with the Trigger. Are you able to confirm that there have been orders placed in a way that ought to have set off that custom trigger?


Additionally, I noticed that the second condition in the Conditional Split may be redundant. Unless I’m missing information on your use case, I would suggest changing or removing the time period from “since starting this flow”, since the customer will have only entered the flow had they placed an order, and the current filter is checking for a second order placed after entering the flow.


If you require more hands on help (especially with the custom flow trigger), I would recommend reaching out to your developer or finding one from our Klaviyo Partner Directory.


Thanks for being a Community member!



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Yes, same issue Brian. I’m still searching for the solution. We are a Brick-n-mortar and have the store transaction coming in as “ordered product offline”.

I’ll try your suggested changes and see what happens. Thanks!