Why isn't the dynamic block populating on preview in my Abandon Cart Flow?

  • 16 December 2021
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Hi I’m using klaviyo for Woocommerce. And I have done the integration perfectly and everything working seamlessly I checked activity feed.

Now the problem is when I see in preview the dynamic abandoned cart block is not populating. Can anyone tell me why is not working? Is there anything that I’m missing? [Note I have the data in klaviyo, Checkout started, view Product etc.]

Checkout the images below.






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3 replies

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The blocks are not pre-populated in the email builder as you have shown in the first image because it’s not pulling in sample data in building mode.

However, from the builder screen, click “preview” on the left of the screen, and choose to populate it with one of the qualified contacts. It will open a new tab and then you should see the populated data. 

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Hey apologies, I make the problem solve.

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Hi @forman


Thanks for jumping in here @DavidSandel!


Glad to hear you solved this issue , do you mind sharing what the solution was you found with the Community? 


Thanks for sharing your question with us!