Will sending same email in separate campaigns help email deliverability?

  • 4 August 2022
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Let say I have total 2000 emails.


I segmented:

500 email - high engaged emails

1500 email - the rest of the list


Campaign A - send to 500 email segment (assuming will have better engagement rate)

Campaign B - send the same email 6 hours after Campaign A.


Will the ESP (Gmail/Hotmail/Yahoo mail etc.) see the same email from Campaign A & B as same email?

Will sending Campaign A first, helps to increase deliverability for Campaign B?




Best answer by Taylor Tarpley 5 August 2022, 05:48

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Hi @LeoLight,


Thanks for sharing your question with us! 


This really won’t increase your deliverability and would more so damage your sender reputation than improve it. As referenced in our documentation on resending campaigns. I’d approach this tactic with caution as consistently sending to people who do not open your emails can seriously damage your sender reputation and lead to your emails landing in the spam folder. I’d always have the lens on ‘what proves that I’m a trustworthy sender to inbox providers’ rather than ‘how can I get around x’.


I’d also recommend investigating our deliverability documentation on sending to your engaged segments and what is a tried and true path to help pursue high deliverability rates. Such as gradually expanding your engaged segment to include more of your engaged users in x amount of days and continually list clean so you’re not sending to users who don’t interact with your marketing. Additionally, I’d investigate setting up a dedicated sending domain if you want to build a strong sender reputation and good report with inbox providers. 


Finally, I’d recommend checking out these helpful topics to gain more insight on the subject! 


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