Will 'time delay' resync shopify orders?

  • 26 January 2021
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Hi, everyone, we want to send an email to customers that have been delivered,  and we tagged on these orders using 3rd apps. But the Shopify fulfill flow cannot meet our requirements because it only syncs the orders for one time

So what I want to know is can I set a ‘time delay’ for 10 days and then check if a specific tag exists on the fulfill order? Will klaviyo resync order information when ‘time delay’ end?


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Hi there,

Is your flow triggered by a Placed Order event? Placed Order events are not updated when the order is fulfilled; the Fulfilled Order would be a completely separate event.

I realize you also might be asking if Klaviyo updates the tags on the order event itself -- in other words, if I tag an order in Shopify after it’s already in Klaviyo, will that tag update in Klaviyo as well? Unfortunately, the answer is no -- once the order is in Klaviyo, that specific event won’t be updated.