Win-back flow classic car parts

  • 12 September 2022
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Good Afternoon all,

I thought I’d start a discussion to see what creativity we can exchange around my current challenge. 

I work for a classic Mercedes business, specialising in replacement parts, sales, restoration and servicing. 

I am looking to create a winback flow for our Parts e-commerce platform. Now, our customers tend to make purchases based on NEED; not WANT, which makes it particularly difficult to predict what they’ll need beyond seasonal/maintenance items such as car covers, cleaning gear, oil and filters. 

Attached is my current design for a win-back communication focusing on particular group of customers who buy products for one era of vehicle we specialise in. I’d appreciate any feedback on this and what you think the product feed should be. At present, the product feed is popular items from this category, with the settings set to recommend products based on particular customer. 


I look forward to hearing from you all. 





1 reply

A "win-back flow" in the context of classic car parts typically refers to a marketing or sales strategy aimed at re-engaging previous customers who may have lapsed in their purchasing activity. In this scenario, the goal is to entice former customers, who have bought classic car parts in the past, to return and make new purchases. This can involve targeted email campaigns, special promotions, or personalized offers to rekindle their interest in classic car restoration and parts. The ultimate objective is to win back the loyalty and business of these customers by offering them value and reasons to continue their patronage.

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