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Hi! I’m setting up a flow thats triggered by a cancelled subscription on recharge.

Does anyone have any advice on best practices for this as its similar to a winback flow but for a subscription product? When someone cancels their subscription, would the timing for the first email be the same as the recommended average time between orders for a general one time purchase winback flow? We’re trying to increase retention but want to ensure emails are sent at the right time!




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Hi @OliviaC 

Thank you for posting your question in the community!

I love this idea of sending an email associated to the Recharge Cancelled Subscription to winback customers. Depending on your product and AOV, customers often cancel for a variety of reasons. Are you collecting cancelation reasons as part of your recharge flow? 

For a couple of my clients, I’ve actually set up a number of internal flows that we route to our customer service team based on 1 of 8 reasons why someone cancelled a subscription. There are going to be factors that are harder to avoid, but sometimes, people are cancelling out of frustration and syncing them with a real person right away has proven to be the best “winback” strategy. 

Essentially, someone cancels their subscription, we trigger a notification to the CX team with the details of the subscription, and they call the customer to a.) sympathize/recognize the customer’s issue or frustrations, and b.) offer to help resolve those right away to keep someone in their subscription.

However, if someone is cancelling their subscription for personal or economical reasons, having CX call them may not be valuable and triggering a series of emails down will be helpful. At the end of the day, its a little hard to recommend a specific time to trigger the email without knowing why someone cancelled in the first place. 

For example, if someone is canceling their subscription because they have too much product, you might want to trigger an email in a shorter period of time. Whereas if someone cancelled due to personal reasons for cutting back, you may want to extend the trigger period out to give people a little more time.

Ultimately, you’ll want to test what is the right time to trigger these emails and determine the right cadence for the specific cancellation reason. 

I hope this helps! If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to let me know!


@In the Inbox 

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Hi @OliviaC!


I love the approach that @In the Inbox shared. I have a client who also found taking the time to improve the process for frustrated/ disappointed customers to get connected with the CX/Customer Support team significantly decreased the rate of returns. Not quite the same context, but pretty similar in terms of retaining customers and revenue that would’ve otherwise been lost. 


One thing you could do as part of the CX process @In the Inbox shared is find a way to share with Klaviyo the data behind why people canceled their subscriptions. That could enable you to build flow filters or conditional splits into the logic of the “winback” flow you’re wanting to build. 


So for example: If Recharge has a post-cancellation survey that collects reasons why people canceled, I would expect that the Recharge integration could send those reasons to Klaviyo as custom profile properties. Then a list of people who need to talk to your CX team could be sent to your team, perhaps via integration with Gorgias or whatever help desk you use… And the people who’ve canceled for reasons like they have still enough product, or they’re trying to “pause” and save money for the time being, can be entered into the queue for this “winback” flow without causing any customer frustration that might blow back on your CX team. 


I hope this helps!

~ Gabrielle


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Thanks for the tips @In the Inbox and @ebusiness pros ! We have cancellation reasons on our cancellation process on recharge which I have split the flow with, the main one is cost - so we have a special offer to winback those cancellations, will do some testing and see what timing works best!