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  • 11 August 2022
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Hi everyone,


We're slowly migrating our brands to Klaviyo and would love to hear some of your ideas and implementation of Winback or Re-engagement flows, specifically on how you trigger them if it's based on segments or something else, if there're any additional filters that are set in between the emails, and deliverability practices. 


Any additional comments or ideas on these types of flows would be much appreicated!

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Hi @CaptainMike

Thanks for the question! A winback flow or re-engagement campaign could be helpful, depending on your specific use case. I’ve included some differences between the two below: 


  • a series of emails sent to customers who previously engaged with your brand, but have not interacted with you for a certain period of time
  • triggered by the Placed Order event and sends when a certain amount of time has passed after the purchase


  • a one-off email rather than a sequence of emails
  • should only be a single email that is sent infrequently to those who are not going to receive a winback flow (once a year is a good rule of thumb)

If deliverability is a concern, I recommend taking a look at our understanding deliverability best practices article. Keep in mind that is is always important to keep your unsubscribe link prominent in any message. It’s both a legal requirement and the best way to prevent unengaged subscribers from hurting your deliverability.

I hope this helps you go down the right path. I’d love to hear from others in Community to see what’s worked well for them too!