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  • 23 February 2021
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Hey there,

We are trying to create a new campaign with some new products we just launched, however it wont sync the new products from Woo to Klaviyo. Not sure what we are  doing wrong or where else to look for tutorials. 

Would appreciate any tips please.

Many Thanks,




Best answer by Bobi N. 23 February 2021, 10:07

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2 replies

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For new products to show in klaviyo something has to happen with them. For example if you want to use placed order metric for that specific product in klaviyo someone has to have placed at least 1 order for that product, if you are using started checkout metric than someone had to had started checkout with that product.. so in short for product to be visible in klaviyo relevant actions have to be taken with it on the website. 

In this specific case I’m not sure exactly how do you want to use this product but I would suggest placing and fake order yourself for it that you will cancel later and than almost all of the options for that product should be available in klaviyo

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Thank you so much Bobi. That makes perfect sense. I had a slight suspicion that it would be that way. Thanks again!