WooCommerce Workflow for cancelled orders not working

  • 13 August 2021
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the following workflow is not working, but it should. Can someone help?


WooCommerce integration



When someone cancelled order

→ Wait 1 Day

→ Conditional split

→ Has Placed Order zero times in the last 2 days

No → End Flow

Yes → Send E-Mail.


According to Klaviyo,  Klaviyo “records a Placed Order event when we sync an order with the status of processing.”

That means, cancelled orders are not counted as placed orders, since they never get the status of processing. So my flow should work.


There are 0 emails getting sent. But i know that there are many people that cancelled their orders and didn’t place another order successfully after that.


I want to taget people whose order was automatically cancelled by WooCommerce because they didn’t finish the payment. There are lots of orders like these, and with an email sent i want to remind them trying again with another payment method.

Am i doing something wrong?






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Hello @alexandra1,

Thanks for sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community!

Some things I would recommend checking to ensure your flow is actually set up correctly if first ensuring that your Cancelled Order event shared from WooCommerce is actually triggering and being recorded. Klaviyo overall is an ingestion tool that can only act on the data that is being synced to it. You can check to see if this event is being synced to Klaviyo accurately by navigating to the Analytics tab and going to the WooCommerce Cancelled Order metric. In the event you are not actually seeing these events sync through, this may indicate some sort of integration issue which I would suggest reaching out to support to have a closer look at your account and integration.

If events are being synced through, I would ask yourself, how long ago was the last Cancelled Order event recorded and when did you create this flow? Flows will only trigger since a flow has been created and would not retroactively be served to those who may have triggered the corresponding trigger event in the past. Since it also appears that you have a one day time delay after the initial trigger, I would suggest checking to see if your customers may actually be in “Waiting” status of the Conditional Split that precedes your emails. Through checking into your recipient’s activity within the conditional split, you can also see the number of contacts that have been navigated down the Yes or No branch.

Another thing I would ask myself when troubleshooting this flow is: has there been any changes to this flow since it was created? Similar to how contacts would not be served a flow retroactively, this would also apply to any changes that were made. If there were any changes made to the flow since the flow’s creation and being set Live, those new changes would not apply to those customers who may have either been triggered or excluded from the flow from its original setup. 

To further troubleshoot this flow and learn more about how flows and contacts are navigated through them, I would suggest taking a look at the following Help Center articles Klaviyo offers on the subject:

I hope this helps! Have a great day!


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thank you very much for the fast and detailed answer. I checked Analytics, and it shows only af ew cancelled order in a period of 2 weeks, but there were about 100. Other events are synced correctly and my other flows are also working.

So i will reach out to the support, somehow the cancelled order event is not synced correctly.