Yahoo accounts not receiving emails

  • 8 April 2022
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I am new to the website and I am trying to send a few emails just to make sure everything is looking good before sending to customers. Two of the emails that are being sent are to a account. For some reason, they are not receiving them in the inbox or junk. Is there a way to fix this?


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5 replies

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Hi @knewman1,

Welcome to the Community.

Could you confirm that these emails are either getting bounced or they aren’t sending at all? In the past, there were issues with Verizon Media Group (the parent company for Yahoo / AOL inboxes) regarding issues with their reception of the email stream. If there is a screenshot of the error message that you see on your end, that can help troubleshoot.


Thank you!


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Since I am new, I am unsure as to where to locate the error message. I do see that it says we had 765 successful deliveries and 4555 bounced. 

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Hi @knewman1,

To see overall bounces across all campaigns, view the Campaign Trends Report. Additionally, you can use segments to identify addresses that have hard or soft bounced.


If you want to see what type of bounce a customer experienced, click into the customer profile and search for the bounced email event. You can click on the timestamp for the event on the right-hand side and see whether the bounce recorded is hard or soft.

You mention now that there are over 4000 bounces, so I don’t believe it is solely due to the yahoo address. 

There are several possible reasons why an email address may hard or soft bounce:

  • Email address doesn’t exist
    The contact could have provided a false address or made a typo in the address. If you are unsure, you can try correcting the email address and sending a one-off email. If the email still bounces, this address should remain suppressed.
  • Email is undeliverable
    The email was unable to be delivered due to an error with the server, etc. 
  • Mailbox is full
    If the profile has opened emails from you in the past, they may need to empty their mailbox.
  • Vacation/Auto-reply
    The contact may have set a temporary auto-reply. If there is previous activity in the account, they may need to turn off auto-reply.
  • Blocked Email
    The receiving server has blocked the incoming email.

To help reduce your emails being blocked or marked as spam in the future:
How to Reduce Spam Complaints
How to Decrease Bounce Rates

We recommend some best practices on what not to do to avoid being bounces. Some are:

  • All capital letters (e.g., FREE MONEY NOW)
  • Using a lot of symbols (e.g., 100% FREE MONEY!!$$$)
  • Including just one large image in your email with little, or no, text
  • Implementing eye-catching or spam-triggering phrases (e.g., JUST THIS ONCE FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY or ACT NOW!!!)
  • Including multiple images with less text

For more information on how to avoid spammy subject lines, head to this blog post. For inspiration on how to create great subject lines, head to this live training session.


All the best,


Hey @alex.hong - Could you help me understand what the deliverability issues with Verizon/Yahoo were (or ARE)? I have a customer with a .yahoo address that’s claiming she’s not receiving any of our emails, but her profile shows they’re being opened (but not being clicked). 


Is there a bot and/or filter for yahoo that would mark these as “open” when they’re not?! 


Thanks for your insight!

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Hey @CAMI,

If you’re seeing an open event (and/or a click event) but the recipient claims they never did, then there’s a good chance this was done via a bot. This isn’t uncommon as inbox providers will crawl emails to ensure they aren’t malicious. This process could also delay the emails from actually landing in your recipients inbox. 

After checking their various folders inbox, spam, junk, etc., if your recipient truly hasn’t received the email, then there’s a good chance the email was blocked. This is most commonly caused by the recipient’s inbox settings or their network settings preventing the email from being delivered. 

I’ve also encountered situations before where the recipient forgot they marked the sender as spam - which would prevent all future emails from being delivered. 

Ultimately, Klaviyo is the email sending provider, but it is the inbox provider’s role to deliver those emails to the inbox.