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  • 9 July 2021
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I’m currently migrating a client to Klaviyo and have a complicated request for a Back in Stock Flow that I’d love to get some thoughts on.

The client would like to not only send regular Back in Stock alerts, but also trigger an email when the same style in a different colour or fabric comes online or back into stock. The products are linked by a SKU prefix which identifies the style. 

I’ve considered creating segments based on the SKU but that could get quite hard to manage. 

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! 


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Hello @lkv,

Great question! This does sound complicated, but not entirely impossible. 

First, instead of using a Segment triggered flow to accomplish this, I would recommend leveraging Klaviyo’s Back in Stock API to allow subsequent Back in Stock events to trigger. The reason for this is that both List and Segment triggered flows only allow customers to enter a flow once. This means that if you had built out a flow based on what products a customer subscribed to back in stock for, if the customer decides to subscribe again later on for any reason, they would not be eligible for the flow a second time. 

Metric triggered flows on the other hand, queue up users to the flow as many times as the event is triggered. For users who have signed up for a specific product that is out of stock to also receive other out of stock notification for similar styles, I would suggest leveraging Klaviyo’s back in stock API to trigger more of these back in stock events for these similar products. Since Klaviyo’s back in stock code is fairly flexible, you can technically customize it so that when a customer subscribes to a specific product that is out of stock, to also trigger other back in stock events based on these similar styles. Because the user would then register a back in stock event multiple times, they would be placed into the flow multiple times and thus receive not only a notification when the original product they signed up for is available, but also when these other similar product styles become available. 

For example, if I signed up for back in stock for a green t-shirt, the customized back in stock API can then also trigger three more back in stock events, subscribing my profile up for similar styles such as blue, black, and gray t-shirts. This would then cause my profile to be entered into the Klaviyo back in stock flow four separate times, once for each of the colors. Whenever one of these is restocked, the back in stock flow would proceed as normal and email me of which product became available. 

Since this would be a custom solution, I would recommend taking a look at some of the back in stock and Klaviyo API resources available to you as well which i’ve linked below. I would further encourage you working with a developer or finding a Klaviyo partner who can further help in making this work.

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Thanks so much for this response - definitely think this is the best approach and have briefed in our developers to help.