Conditional Split in Flow: How does the "contains" filter works for Discount Coupon?

  • 13 August 2021
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we’re sending out personalized Discount Codes to our new subscribers from our Shopify onlinshop.
The Codes are always “WELCOMExxxxxx”, where “xxxxxx” is of course some generated code.

Within the Welcome Flow we are also sending out reminders for the Codes. Along the flow, we want to exclude all subscribers from the flow that have used their Codes already.

I have set up the conditional split as shown below but am not sure if it works correctly…

  • Does the “contains” need to match exactly the code? (this would not be possible as all codes are different) Or is it ok like shown before as all codes at least begin with “WELCOME…”?
  • If not, what would be the best solution?
  • Is there a way to test if such conditional split works?



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@stephan - It looks like you did everything right. The “Contains” means that the string you enter occurs anywhere in the coupon code - so if your string is “WELCOME” then WELCOMEXXXX should work, as does XXXWELCOME or XXXWELCOMEYYY.

To test conditional splits, these are the two options I do if I’m not super confident the conditions are behaving as intended.

Add Split, Combine Both Paths

Add the Split, and both Yes or No path goes to the same place.  You can then look at the analytics to see how many “Yes” or “No” you have.  That way, until you’re confident that the Split, the user gets the same thing.  Once you’re confident it’s working, disconnect the combined path and add the appropriate messages and actions.

Here’s how you can connect both path of a Conditional Split to the same Path:

Add Split to End of Flow

In a similar fashion, you can add the conditional split at the end of the Flow where either Yes or No doesn’t do anything.  After some time passes, I can look at the analytics of the Split and verify that it worked as intended.

Hope this helps!

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Awesome, thanks a lot for the prompt and comprehensive help!!