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  • 22 February 2022
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Hi there!

I’m relatively new to using Klaviyo and looking for a way to better filter who enters a flow - we have a welcome series of emails that is triggered by someone subscribing to the newsletter, but have found that if someone is already subscribed to the newsletter but subscribes again from a different form on the website that they get sent the welcome series again, even though they were already on the newsletter list…

Is there a way to change the trigger to be NEW subscribers to the newsletter so this doesn’t happen again?



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There are multiple ways of doing it by setting certain contact properties and/or passing in more information with your forms, but with a very general, blanket statement, you could always just set a Flow Filter for “has not been in this flow.”


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Hi @eck 

I agree with @DavidSandel that the easiest solution to limit users from receiving the series multiple times is his recommendation of adding the flow filter “Has not been in this flow.”

However, I am curious what trigger you are using for sending someone the welcome. Technically, if you are using a list-trigger then users would only be added to the flow once. For reference, under the List-Trigger flow “How it works section:”

Contacts can only receive a list-triggered flow once. If someone is removed from a list and then re-added to that same list, they will not re-trigger the flow. For example, if someone unsubscribes from your newsletter list and then re-subscribes, they will not receive the welcome series again.


Pending on how you have your website <> Klaviyo integration set up this might be another option. If you are using a List-Trigger I would double check why contacts are receiving the series twice if they are already on the list. 

David’s recommendation will likely be the easiest to apply, but wanted to add the above for reference!



@In the Inbox 

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Hi @eck thank you for this question.

And thank you @In the Inbox and @DavidSandel for your helpful insights. @In the Inbox is spot on with his note on users only being able to travel through a list-triggered flow once. 

You may also want to investigate a potential duplicate welcome flow in your account that’s triggered off of the same list, making it appear that a user has gone through the same welcome flow twice (when in reality they’ve actually gone through two separate flows triggered off of the same list). It’s unlikely (unless you’ve explicitly cloned your existing welcome series) but worth looking into anyway :)

One little trick you can use to differentiate between flow email sends, is to click on this little icon on user profile page next to the “Received Email” metric. That will lead you directly to the flow the email was sent from.

I’d also double-check the lists the sign-up forms submit to as well. It’s also possible one sign-up form is sending emails to another list-triggered flow. You can double-check the list connected to each sign-up form in the Signup Forms tab. 

I hope that additional insight is helpful :)