How Does Klaviyo Begin Data Collection + Adding Users to a List and Flow (Shopify)

  • 9 August 2021
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Hello to the Klaviyo Community and Forums,


I would like to know if I have to import people who create an account on my site or who sign up for an account, myself or does Klaviyo automatically import them and start the flows I have created. 


I have created a few test accounts and I have had to export them from Shopify and Import them to Klaviyo. Only then I think the flows started. Or does Klaviyo sync in with Shopfiy and recognise customers and start my flows or do I have to import  those customers as profiles into Shopify?


Thanks in advance for any input given.


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Hi @HAM3X ,

Thanks for your question in the Community and I hope to provide some information regarding your questions!

Although you could manually import customers from a list onto Klaviyo, it is also an automatic process that users will go into your data once they do a certain action or enter a certain flow.

First, I would ensure that you are directing the Shopify sign-ups to a list. You can verify this by navigating to Integrations > Shopify under Collect Subscribers. The list in question needs to be selected here:

Also, if you are using a Shopify 3rd party theme, your theme's default signup forms must also apply the Newsletter tag to new subscribers in order for Klaviyo to automatically sync these subscribers to a Klaviyo list. You’ll want to integrate it to Klaviyo by following this guide. The hidden input tag, <input type="hidden" name="contact[tags]" value="newsletter"> should live within your form’s input group. If this has been done correctly, those filling your Shopify form should have Newsletter under the Shopify Tags custom property on the user profile.

Below is more information on lists and segments:


Flows will start depending on how you have them set up. There are conditions and triggers that can be setup within flows that, if a user meets the criteria or triggers the action, will enter and exit the flow allowing you to receive their data as well. Here is a guide about flow triggers and filters as well!

Here is another community post detailing how to make a list-triggered flow as well as additional details that pertain to your questions!


Hope this helped with your question and thanks for being part of our Community!


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Hey Alex. Thanks for the detailed input - It is appreciated :)


I don’t think I am using a 3rd party theme. I am using one of the free themes Shopify has to offer (debut). I have ensured that my integrations are set up and created a new list called Sign Ups. I have linked this to my integrations. Will this still work? 


I am planning to test the flows later on today, and will be doing a test order, so I can really see if the flows work. I will make sure to let you know how it goes! 


Once again thanks for the support and stay safe!

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Hi @HAM3X ,

Appreciate the kind words and I’m glad you found the response informative!


For Shopify integrations, the way Klaviyo pulls users in for account creation is by checking for Shopify tags assigned to their profile when they create an account and sign up on your site. 

When this person is synced to Klaviyo, we will automatically subscribe them to the selected newsletter list via our Shopify integration. The pieces we look for to make this decision are:

  • Accepts Marketing is true,
  • "newsletter" is in their Shopify Tags, and
  • a list was selected on the integration settings

Adding the “accepts marketing = true” tag and the “newsletter” tag into the theme.liquid file, specifically in their form's input group will be how to solve the first two steps. If you is not familiar with the location, I recommend working with your theme developer on this OR checking out one of our amazing Partners!

So yes, if all of the above are true, they will be subscribed to your selected list upon creating an account. 

And just as a little reminder to double check through your process: Ensure that your forms and user do go through the double opt-in process to ensure better deliverability and helps you grow your list while also minimizing abuse and preventing the accumulation of invalid or mistyped emails and phone numbers.

Best of luck with your testing and keep the Community updated with how it goes! 

Stay safe :)