List, Segment or Flow?

  • 3 October 2022
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Hi, I can't figure out what is best practice in this case: We have a

  • Shopify website that needs all standard emails like abandoned cart etc
  • A newsletter signup on that Shopify site, triggering a welcome-series.
  • An external landing-page hosted on Unbounce that triggers a waitlist-email.
  • A lead-form on Facebook that also should trigger the waitlist-email.

If I sign everyone up to the main newsletter list, then I need to exclude the landing-page and Facebook subscribers from the welcome-series (as well as any other potential future sources).

Should I then trigger the welcome-series not by joining the newsletter list, but by filling in a form?

Or should I create a new list for the waitlist that holds Facebook and landing-page subscribers and sends the waitlist-email when someone joins that list?

Or should I create a segment "waitlist" and exclude that segment from the welcome series?

Thanks for any advice




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Hi there @zedirk ,

Welcome to the Community.

For these cases where a site can have multiple leads for customers, I think it would be best to segment each form or source separate. From there you would want to build flows out based on signup or interaction or whatever you might choose for those different avenues.



Thanks Alex!