My flow has stopped working

  • 22 January 2021
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Hi there,

I created a flow a few weeks ago and it was working perfectly until last week - it just stopped. I cannot figure out what the problem is :(

Anyone who places an order that includes our Female Facial product is to receive an email 30-minutes later with our ‘Guide’. A customer must only ever receive this email once and not with every purchase.

The second image shows the Trigger which seems to the be problem… this particular did purchase the Female Facial product?



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3 replies

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Hi @NoGrowAus, Thanks for joining the Community!

This is a bit difficult to say for sure, as the trigger preview screenshot doesn’t have the “items” dropdown expanded, but I can offer a theory.

  • The Item name has changed or is slightly different.
    • If you recently renamed the item, or if this customer purchased the item in a different size (noting the “90ml” appended to the product name) then they may not qualify for the flow because the item in the trigger and the item in the event are not exact matches
    • One solve for this is to include all size or name variations as OR statements in the Trigger Filter. As long as they have the same instructions and you want them to receive the guide once regardless of size then the other filters can stay the same.

I hope this helps, otherwise please reply here with any additional context you may think of and we can keep working on it!

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Thank you @Julia.LiMarzi - it was the product name that had been updated in Shopify and not pulled across to Klaviyo. I have fixed everything and the flow is now working again :grinning:

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@NoGrowAus Just a few additional ideas. Instead of the “Placed Order” Metric Trigger for your Flow, you can use the “Ordered Product” Metric Trigger that has more product specific details.  For example, you can do the following:

  • If you find that you’re changing your products’ names/titles often for marketing purposes, you can also use the item’s SKU property for your Flow Filter instead (assuming your SKUs don’t change too!). So if you change the Title or Name, this would still work!
  • If you want to send the same “guide” for other products or multiple product variants and it starts to be cumbersome to keep adding additional “SKUs” - you can Tag all your products with a unique tag like “guide” in Shopify, and use the Tag property for the Flow Filter instead.  
  • Or, if you products belong to logical groupings with various Shopify Collections, and every item in the same Collection should be sent the same “guide” - you can use Collection property for your Flow Filter too!

See Here:

“Ordered Product” Flow Trigger - SKU


“Ordered Product” Flow Trigger - Tags
“Ordered Product” Flow Trigger - Collections