New email campaign has been "processing" for over an hour...

  • 3 September 2021
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New email campaign has been "processing" for over an hour, what can I do to send it urgently?

I already cloned it and unchecked the Smart Sending box. But still…



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10 replies

I had a similar issue this morning as well. Now it is showing 100% open rate.. (of 156 recipients.. the campaign went out to over 10k people… so 156 is hardly 100%) Klaviyo admin, can you help us out?

I just received this message in Klaviyo chat:


“Thank you for reaching out.

Regularly scheduled event processing maintenance has resulted in some unforeseen downstream systems issues. As a result, all analytics delays will persist throughout the course of the day. You can follow the progress of the repairs here: Campaign, flow, and dashboard reports may appear unpopulated or outdated for impacted metrics. Campaign sending, event-triggered flows, and real-time segmentation updates are not impacted and no data has been lost. Once this incident has been resolved your campaign and flow analytics should return to normal.”


Ok, thank you so much for your help! I was guessing they had some kind of trouble…


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Hi @Tapafina,

Like our fellow community member @krg mentioned, at times we do undergo processing maintenance that can alter metrics as well as campaign sends. I am sorry if this caused any unfortunate processes in your business and put halts on projects for the day.

However, if there are campaigns that you would like to resend now or for future cases, please follow this guide to re-send a campaign.


Thank you for being a part of the Community!


Really, what a mess. I apparently had a big old pile of emails bounce. Maybe someone at Klaviyo could get in and resend this stuff.  I lost a good bit of revenue today over this and now I get to learn how to resend something and possibly spam a bunch of people. SMH

Klaviyo suggestion in light of Klaviyo’s unexpected tech problem: Resend email

Klaviyo warning in FAQs: Resending email might damage your domain authority.


I will write a new email and we can all cross our wee fingers that the problem has actually been fixed, though I see no indication here that it has.

To clarify, I have two campaigns that may or may not have been sent completely. There were data issues earlier and there may still be data issues, but in the aggregate my revenue is really quite down, making me suspect there is some sort of deliverability issue (even when you get past the “processing” problem)


Thank you all for your comments. Yesterday I sent twice the same campaign because of this problem, now it’s a little data mess. Not good for business indeed.

I have been using Mailchimp for years and never had this kind of problems (they have other issues). Fingers crossed this will never happen again and Klaviyo gets to be a vital partner for my webshop, like they actually promise.

We’re 24+ hours in and the data reporting error has still not been repaired and it’s a HOLIDAY WEEKEND WHEN ECOMM BUSINESSES THRIVE!!!!

I can’t send with confidence the 2 email campaigns I’ve promised my client. Get it together Klaviyo!

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Hi there @Tapafina @Clif and @amgrose ,


First I would like to apologize for any confusion and issues you all may have run into. We at Klaviyo understand the frustration that may come from data not syncing properly or having to resend emails, which could negatively impact deliverability. It is definitely a problem what data reports have errors and we hope to continuously improve our processes so issues like this occur less in the future. For real time status updates, I would refer again to Currently the most recent update shows that all analytics should be updated in real time.


If you or anyone else continues to see data discrepancies after this time, please reach out with a direct message so that we can take a closer, more isolated and deep dive into your personal issues with the campaign analytics.


Thank you,