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  • 4 April 2022
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Im looking for a way, to send a coupon mail only to user who came from certain signup forms:

Right now, I have a main “Newsletter” list where I get all the user who signup via checkout in Shopify and users who signup via a popup. 

Now I would like to add a flow, which sends out a coupon mail to users, who came via certain signup forms, but not to every new user on the “Newsletter” list. 

How can I exclude users in my Flows, who did not came via a signup form? 


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You can add flow filter if you want to exclude them from the whole flow or conditional split if you want to be specific with skipping or sending different emails. 

Whatever you decide to use filter or split you can do it by using the source property which should hold the source where people came from, and if you havent edited it the source for the forms usually have the form name, so you cna use that one


@Bobi N. Thank you for your quick answer. Ive just saw the hidden field “Source” in the signup form.


Thats exactly what I was looking for. Thank you

Is there a step-by-step instruction for this? This is the first and sometimes the only functionality a new Klaviyo user needs and it’s suprising why it’s so complicated and unintuitive.

  1. So, I have a form which offers a coupon and adds visitors to Newsletter.
  1. Then I create a flow for Newsletter group. Then I set up a filter. What do I choose there? Should it be “Properties about someone”?
  1. Then - Initial Source? 

    I choose it, but I don’t see any values except (direct). I was expecting existing sources to be pre-populated to choose from. Typing it manually creates a lot of room for errors. Where do I see the exact source field for my form to be sure about the syntax (spaces, capital letters, etc.)? Can’t find anything in the form which says “Submit hidden fields” like on the screenshot above.

  1. My other idea was to create a separate list for this form and creating a flow only for this list. But then it can be necessary to send emails to all subscribers in the future. Can you create a flow that will target visitors in several lists at once?

Thank you